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Ancelotti: “To win at Málaga we need to be on top form”

NEWS | 28/11/2014 | Alberto Navarro

"We have to keep the run going to continue as leaders," he added.
Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media in the Ciudad Real Madrid press room on the eve of the La Liga match against Málaga. The Italian coach looked ahead to Saturday's encounter at La Rosaleda: "It's going to be a very difficult match, because we're up against a team that are having a fantastic season and are in very good shape. Before the defeat to Atlético, they won five matches in a row. We really have to be on our guard and if we want to win we need to be on top form."

“Our style doesn't change whether we're away or at home, and we don't talk about the possibility of setting a new record for wins. We only try to prepare each game and think about our opponent. It's going to be a difficult match and we need to perform well. We have to keep the run going to continue as leaders."

Isco's return to face Málaga
“He's happy about returning to Málaga, and the fans there will see a player who is more mature and has more experience. He'll show his quality."

Resting Kroos
“He's going to play at Málaga. He might be a bit tired, but tomorrow we need him. He'll rest next week. We have a replacement in Illarra, who is the most suitable player to come in for him. He has returned from an injury and played very well in the match against Basel."

The team has improved physically and that has given us confidence.

“The team doesn't look tired to me. They have recovered well from the match against Basel and we don't need to rotate. Kroos might be a bit tired and next week, in our match in the Copa, we'll make some rotations."

“He's in very good shape. He doesn't have any problem and is committed to helping the team to win."

Platini's comments on the Ballon d'Or
“He is the president of UEFA and in his position I don't think it's right for him to give his opinion on this matter."

Praise for Casillas
“He doesn't have any problem. He is playing very well in his matches: focused and assured. He is a calm player who has his responsibilities. He is disciplined and works and helps the team. I see the same Casillas as always."

“He still isn't ready to play. He needs a few days' work and I think he'll be ready for next week. We haven't thought about any players for the winter transfer window. We're continuing with the plan of bringing in Medrán, who is very young. Khedira has a very small problem in his back and will recover soon."

“The club's desire is to talk to him about a contract renewal. It's a negotiation and I don't know what will happen. He is player that I have a lot of confidence in. He has had a lot of physical problems and I hope that he leaves them behind soon and plays."

“At the moment he is showing his immense talent. He is a fantastic player and I don't want to talk about what Barcelona are doing concerning the Ballon d'Or. I only look at the most recent games and Messi has played very well."

Valencia-Barcelona's La Liga clash
“It'll be an interesting game, but it isn't going to decide anything at the moment.”