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Real Madrid - Sevilla

Ancelotti: “We won the final by playing well and with a lot of confidence”

NEWS | 12/08/2014 | Alberto Navarro (Cardiff)

“With the reinforcements the standard of the team has improved, both players did well”, explained the Italian coach (avance).
Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the press after the game against Sevilla: “We won by playing well, with a good idea of how to play and with a lot of confidence. It wasn't easy preparing for this match because we didn't have a lot of time, but the team has done really well. The Champions League win has given the squad more character and confidence”.

“Cristiano is completely recovered and there is nothing to be said about Bale of Benzema because they are both fantastic. Casillas was excellent tonight. What happened during the World Cup is forgotten, this is a new season for him and for us. He has everyone's trust”.

Kroos and James's debuts
“The new reinforcements have improved the standard of the team. Both players did very well today. Kroos was perfect, he played very well, was extremely quick and was clear with his ideas. James struggled a bit during the first half, but was great during the second”.