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Ancelotti: “The Anoeta is a very difficult place to go but we have to win our first away game“

NEWS | 30/08/2014 | Javier García

“This team deserves a vote of confidence for what they achieved last year”, said the manager in the press room.
Carlo Ancelotti appeared in the Ciudad Real Madrid press room. The Italian spoke about the game against Real Sociedad: “We going into the match motivated; we have to keep winning. It's our first away game and we have to win. the Anoeta is always a very difficult place to go, but last year we played well there”.

“We have to keep winning and improving our performance on the field in comparison to last Monday. They are tough opponents who will show their quality. Isco is available to play, as is Khedira. Just Coentrão hasn't fully recovered yet”.

“Cristiano is fine, but we wanted to use this week and the next two weeks to ensure he recovers completely and to get him in top condition to prepare for the games against Atlético and the Champions League. He's not in the matchday squad”.

“I can't confirm anything. The market closes on Monday and something may happen or it may not. Some people might think we don't have many players but it's a very versatile squad and we have every position covered. We virtually have five strikers, because Isco, James and Jesé, who returns soon, can play up front”.

“Until the market closes we can't say whether there will be any new signings. The squad isn't decided. It's not a necessity. If we think a signing could be good to improve the squad we'll do it. If not, the squad is very competitive”.



“I have a very competitive squad. With the three new players, who bring a lot of quality, the team has improved compared to last year. Also because of the work we did last season”.

Xabi Alonso
“He explained it very well; he needed other motivations. Everyone at Madrid has a lot of respect for him. It was very difficult to change his idea and we let him go. With the attitude he has had as a player and as a person it would have been very difficult to tell him he couldn't go. We have to thank him and wish him luck”.

“He was very important in the titles we won last year. We have that position well covered with Kroos and Illarra, who could be very useful this season. Xabi leaving was a surprise because everything was fine; he has made the decision and we are a bit surprised but we respect it. He has been honest with Real Madrid and with himself. We respect him”.

Players wanting to leave
“Every situation is different. Some might want to earn more money, some don't like the competition. When someone wants to leave, I intend to let him, because when you're not motivated to be in the greatest team in the world I'm not going to stop you. Each situation is very different. It can be for motivation, for money, because of the competition…”.

Defensive balance
“I'm not worried. We need time and to get the players used to being in a different position on the field. We won't have a problem finding the balance. I've heard a lot of criticism of the team this week. I understand the criticism but we've received so many that it was as if the team had never won the Champions League in Lisbon and I watched the video again. This team deserves a vote of confidence for what it achieved last year. These players have character and personality and this criticism could be another source of motivation”.

Alonso for Kroos
“I think signing Kroos has improved the quality of the midfield and we signed the best possible midfielder to play with Xabi. Later Xabi surprised everyone and we still have Kroos who is 24 years old and Illarra, who has more space to play in”.

His role in the signings
“We make the decisions together with the chairman, the club, the chief executive. It's a group decision. That's how I have always worked, as Real Madrid has, speaking to the manager to do something good for the club. We are all working to win titles for Real Madrid”.

“We haven't thought about it. I saw what happened in the preliminary round. It was a very exciting finish. We have time to prepare for the match. Bulgaria have a good footballing history and we'll prepare for it as well as possible”.