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Letter from Casemiro

NEWS | 19/07/2014

Dear Madridistas:

I am starting a new phase away from the club that has felt and will feel my own for life.

When I left Sao Paolo to come to Castilla I understood what it means to wear the Real Madrid colours and I knew that I had arrived at the club that would change my life.

I have experienced unforgettable and historic moments like the Décima, the coveted tenth Champions League title... A thrilling Copa del Rey... And of course, my unforgettable debut with the first team in an official game as an academy player...

I have felt loved and supported by the chairman, the Board of Directors, my team-mates, all the coaches and management teams I have worked with, all the club staff and, of course, the magnificent fans. Everyone has taught me a lot about the values of Real Madrid, which will go with forever in my professional career and life in general.

I am going to another great European club, Oporto, where I am already, from the first moment, feeling the warmth and support of its people. I will try to grow there knowing that I will give my all, and so that everyone who has loved, supported and respected me while wearing the Real Madrid shirt feels very proud of me.

Thank you all for showing me your warmth and sincere affection. You will always be in my heart.

¡Hala Madrid!