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Right to vote. Members will have the right to vote if they are over the age of 18, with full capacity to act, and have at least one year of affiliation with club.

Right to be a Representative Member. Once the election of Representative Members has been called, any member who wishes can be a candidate, should they meet the previous criteria, can present their candidacy to the club, seconded by three members with the right to vote (in the form of an expression consisting of name, surname and membership number). No member can present more than one candidacy or second more than one member.

Recognition and award badges. Following the agreement of the General Assembly on the 6th of October 1992, at the proposal of the board, as recognition for their fidelity and unconditional support for the club, members will receive a commemorative badge for their association with the club:

• Members for 60 years: Card and Gold and Diamond Badge
• Members for 50 years: Card and Gold Badge
• Members for 25 years: Card and Silver Badge

The length of membership is calculated according to consecutive years of association with the club. Members who have not renewed for a period of time before returning will lose the previously accumulated time and the rights derived from it.

The right to request a season ticket. Only members are able to acquire season tickets (in case of availability). Right now, given the limitations of the stadium’s capacity, it is not possible to admit new season tickets.


Data update. It is the members' responsibility to keep their data up to date and to communicate any changes to the club so that we can provide you with information in a timely manner.
Paying membership fees. Members are required to pay their dues in the amount, at the time and in the manner established by the club.
Identification as a member. Whenever required by club staff, members are obliged to identify themselves with their membership card in order to verify their Real Madrid membership. In case of doubt, your ID card will also be required.
Keep your membership card and season ticket. It is the member's obligation to keep his or her membership card and/or season ticket in good condition.
Security and safekeeping of the data. It is the member's obligation not to reveal his or her membership number or PIN number to third parties, as well as any other personal data that could be used against the member's interests.
Good use of the condition of member and/or season ticket holder. Members are obliged to make proper use of their rights as members. The member who holds the card and the season ticket will be responsible for its correct use at all times and may be sanctioned in the event of fraudulent use. The misuse of the advantages offered by the membership card, including the resale of tickets purchased with that card, may lead to the loss of membership.
Likewise, it is strictly forbidden to sell or auction season tickets in any way. The membership card and season ticket card may be withdrawn by club staff.