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There's no doubting that the most important event in 2010 was the World Cup in South Africa. In the wake of one of Spain's victories at the competition, three friends, who are also incidentally Real Madrid fans, we were so enthused that we decided to create a Real Madrid supporters' group in Belarus. As the World Cup wore on, we began to realise that there were a lot of Real Madrid fans in our city, and that's why we decided to found the group. This is how, on 26 June 2010, the 'Uros Blancos' ('The White Aurochs') Supporters' Club was formed.

In the beginning there were just us three madridistas, Aleksei Kobrin, Dmitry Shyts and Vladimir Matchoulski. Our job was to bring together fans of Real Madrid. First of all, we enlisted our friends and people that we found on social media, thanks to them and madridistas including Anton Kostyuk, Dzmitry Avramchyk, Dmitry Zaulichny, Denis Adamovich, Dzmitry Drobov, Vadim Komar and Alexey Flerik, by August we had got together a group of more than 40. The only thing left to us to do now was to come up with a name for the club, and after talking about it we came up with 'Uros Blancos' ('The White Aurochs'). 'Auroch' because it's the symbol of Belarus and 'Whites' to show what team we follow and also which country we're from because the former name of our country is Belarus, which is translates as White Russia. We're always joking that "We live in the Whites' country".

We currently have over 150 members and have representatives in each of the regional capitals of Belarus and also a football team.

Real Madrid is the team with the largest support in the world, and now in Belarus there are a few more of us. For the Champions League final against Atlético Madrid there were almost 350 of us, and people joined us from all over the country. Never had a Belarussian supporters club of a foreign team ever managed to bring together so many people to watch a game.

We want a repeat of the scenes when Real Madrid played against BATE Borisov in Minsk in 2008. The best trips were to Moscow to watch CSKA Moscow vs Real Madrid in February 2012 (a whole bus load of us went), the Bernabéu Trophy game between Real Madrid and Al Saad and the Schalke 04 vs Real Madrid game.

In our five years of existence we've seen ourselves as a supporters’ club that carries the values of madridismo and thanks to this we've developed good relationships with the bars, restaurants and the companies that we work with.

We get on very well with the supporters’ club of Salamanca, Zaragoza, with the Federation of Supporters' clubs in Catalonia and also with the international Supporters club, like the Hungarian one, the Munich Supporters' club and 'Fondo Ruso' in Russia.


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