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Peña Madridista de Madras was formed during the Height of Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020 and is registered with Real Madrid in January 2021.
There was no Real Madrid matches during the pandemic, which was depressing for madridistas. Being in lockdown made us realise that we should be united and bold.
We came together in the pandemic and thought why can't we unite the madridistas scattered around the state. And that was the initial step which led to the formation of this fan club.
Our main mission is to promote the image of Real Madrid and its values through social action, groups of fans and the creation of a social community as well as a communication platform. 
We are growing day by day, considering the huge fanbase for football in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Peña Madridista de madras is Registered with Government of Tamilnadu, India which aims to unite madridista around the state as well as conduct charitable events for the growth of football and the legend of Real Madrid.
Whether you live in Chennai or are just passing through, you are welcome to experience our passion for Real Madrid in this great city. Don't hesitate. We hope to see you.