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Real Madrid lovers in Lebanon, known as "Peña Madridista Beirut" is one of the biggest and most successful Peñas in the world.
Many Lebanese madridistas used to gather to watch their favorite team; this lead to a claim of why we do not work on gathering as many fans as we can to spend time together. The claim started to be real! For all the madridistas to have the chance in the middle of an enthusiastic atmosphere without superficial benefits, we organized our first national gathering for Peña Madridista Beirut, and around 300 madridistas were there!
After this great success, we started working on improving our organization, by creating special accounts on all social media platforms, and within few days, we exceeded 2000 followers on our Facebook page.
Consolidation of regions
We organized a fund raising program, to facilitate the presence of all madridistas all over Lebanon in our gatherings. In a short time, we succeeded in organizig more than 10 gatherings in different lebanese districts. Then, the president "Ali Fayad" appeared for the media and had and important role in organizing the legends of Real Madrid and Barcelona "El Clasico" that occured in Lebanon in 2017.
At the end of 2017 season, and when Real Madrid reached final Cardiff, we achieved in organizing one of the greatest gatherings in the world, where 2000 Lebanese madridistas were there with many national footballers and journalists. Lebanese press documented the event, that was a reason for strengthening the bonds between the fans and Peña's administration, that became later a role model for football volunteering.
Events kept on being achieved to an extent that we organized more than 30 events. Those were not restricted to the football world, instead we had many collaborations with various environmental and social organizations, like cleaning the beach. Last was represented by saving those who got injured from Beirut Port explosion.

In 2018, and when Real Madrid made it to final Kiev against Liverpool, we organized a historical gathering in midtown Beirut, we called it "In the Heart" which resembled that Real Madrid, Beirut and all the madridistas are in the heart! That's why the gathering was there and free for all fans.
Many political, sports, and press men were there. Bein Sports approved it to be the biggest gathering in the history of football Peñas.