Mutua MMT Seguros Sociedad Mutua de Seguros a Prima Fija (Mutual Insurance Company with a Fixed Premium), also known as "MMT", specializes in automobile insurance (cars and motorbikes), and now home insurance too, it has over 80 years of experience in the insurance sector.
The main aim of MMT Seguros is to protect and commit to its clients, provide a personalised and friendly service; it is a not for profit mutual insurance company. The main difference with MMT is that clients who are insured are both mutual members-owners and clients-insured parties. This double role requires more effective and transparent management on behalf of the company while always offering a maximum quality service.
In sport, with its numerous sponsorships, the company has been the main Real Madrid basketball sponsor and it is currently still linked to the club as an official sponsor. Previously it also sponsored MMT Estudiantes, the Madrid Half-Marathon, of which it is the official sponsor, and it gives its name to the MMT Seguros Madrid 5km race, in Moto GP it was with the Sito Pons team