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Rueda de prensa de Chus Mateo

Chus Mateo: "The team is fired up and looking forward to the playoff tie."

Real Madrid arrive in Seville

Sevilla - Real Madrid

Real Madrid starting eleven against Sevilla

Final away game this season

Today marks 44 years since the 19th LaLiga title

Real Madrid-Atlético de Madrid: the Copa de la Reina in our sights

Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid coaches and captains pose with the Queen's Cup

Final training session before the final of the Copa de la Reina


Toril: "We are confident and feeling good ahead of the final."

Musa, Tavares

Musa and Tavares named in the League's best five

We won our 27th Basketball League 29 years ago

Real Madrid squad for Sevilla clash


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