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  1. A panoramic view of the Ciudad Real Madrid pitches
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  3. Basketball courts in the sports centre

On the 30th of September 2005, Real Madrid City was officially inaugurated.  The greatest sporting facility ever built by a football club. The project was designed by the architect Carlos Lamela and Emilio Butragueño was the master of ceremonies at the opening.

The complex is situated in a very special place and is one of the most promising areas for the future of the city of Madrid, the Valdebebas Park, the largest urban development project in the history of the Community of Madrid and one of the green areas that will help the city to breathe in the future. It covers approximately 1,067 hectares of land and is a short distance from the nearby Terminal 4 of Madrid-Barajas Airport, which was opened a few months after the Real Madrid City.

The complex has an area of 1,200,000 m2. It is ten times bigger than the old Real Madrid Sports City, 40 times bigger than the Santiago Bernabéu, 16 times bigger than Red Square in Moscow, 2.7 times bigger than the Vatican City and 1.6 times bigger than the Forbidden City in Beijing.

This giant, T-shaped building has some 9,000 m2 of space and contains dressing rooms, gymnasiums, classrooms, conference rooms, offices, a hydrotherapy pool and medical centre, press area, etc. on both sides of the complex. There are 10 grass and astroturf football pitches surrounded by stands with a capacity for more than 11,000 spectators. This sports complex has put Real Madrid at the forefront of world training facilities and there is nowhere else quite like it.

The start of the journey
The first place where visitors to the City arrive is the car park which has a capacity for more than 300 vehicles. This is where we enter the building. Then we come to the entrance hall, which leads to the café-restaurant called ‘La Cantera’, which has 500 m2 inside and an outside terrace of 200 m2. Through the enormous windows here, fans can watch training sessions on the nearby pitches.

The white house
Only people who work for the club can enter the area reserved for the youth teams. Visiting teams and referees can enter their own dressing rooms but not the rest of the building. Fans are allowed to enter the playing field area but they must do so from the outside of the building. Opposite the dressing rooms, there are seven pitches for the youth teams. Each pitch has its own stand and uses the same natural grass as that used on the pitch in the Santiago Bernabéu, which comes from Holland.

Training pitches
The first team players have their own private car park for their vehicles. From there, they enter the famous ‘T’ where they have their working area. This is also where we can find the offices of the managers and coaches of the first team and is a space where the players have everything they need for their job.

From there, players enter the medical centre which is one of the best in the world. On the ground floor, there is a large physiotherapy room and an amazing hydrotherapy area which has four swimming pools, two small baths (with hot and cold water), as well as a sauna and a Turkish bath. On the top floor there is a VIP room for the players and some 2,000 m2 of space reserved for the media.

The first team dressing room is a dream come true for those who have made their way up through the youth system to the first team. It leads directly to a spectacular gym, which is the largest single structure in the City and is also connected to the training pitches. There is a warm-up area with natural grass and three training pitches which have the same grass as that used in the Bernabéu as well as their own stands (with a seating capacity of 6,000 and standing room for 5,000).

Residences for the First Team and Academy Sides
The residence boasts an indoor swimming pool, games room, cinema and 57 individual bedrooms across an area of more than 7,800 meters squared. It is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the promoting the growth, coexistence and improved performance of elite players. 

Sports centre
The sports centre completes the impressive facilities and services on offer at the Real Madrid City, which continues its growth and is the envied throughout the world. This construction is designed as a training centre for the basketball teams, both the first team and academy sides. It can also be used to hold institutional and commercial events.

Corporate office building

This building has been home to the club's employees since April 2018. It's an avant-garde building of the highest architectural and functional quality. It consists of five floors and its 14,000 m2 of constructed surface area has enabled the club's employees to improve their working conditions. It also houses the club member's attention office. This building is part of the process of modernising and improving the management of the club and has taken into account basic Real Madrid values such as simplicity, transparency, sustainability and modernity. The office building has two entrances: one on the Avenida de las Fuerzas Armadas and the other from inside Real Madrid City.