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Barcelona - Real Madrid

Ancelotti: "We didn't deserve to lose the game"

NEWS STORY. 19/03/2023

“We're sad, it's painful but we're proud of the performance we put in", said the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti appeared in the Camp Nou media room following the Clásico on LaLiga matchday 26: "We're further away than we were before and it's even more difficult now but we're going to give our all until the final game. We didn't deserve that defeat, to be honest. We tried everything, we played well and got the goal at the end. The game was won".

“We're sad, it's painful but we're proud of the performance we put in. It was a complete display from the first minute until the last. We haven't won it due to an off-side which was extremely doubtful and we're heading back to Madrid with those doubts still in our minds”.

LaLiga no longer a priority?
“Our priority is preparing well for every game. That's the only way of finishing the season strongly. I come away from this match feeling extremely proud of my team. The performance and the changes the coach made were very good. We'll fight to the end in every competition, we're full of confidence. We'll fight for LaLiga until the end”.

“The substitutions didn't change our system. I changed Nacho because he was on a card and I put Rodrygo on to have a bit more technical ability up top. Then I made another three to bring fresh energy to the team. The changes gave us a lift. After a good first half I thought it seemed silly to change things. Making five changes in the 60th minute is a bit odd”.

Does the defeat create doubts?
"After the Super Cup, we had our doubts, but not today. We played very well. They had control and so did we. It was evenly matched. These games are won and lost by small details".

"After the World Cup everything was pretty clear with the semi-automatic offside, but I'm not sure now. If VAR gets it right, all the better".

Lack of consistency in LaLiga
"It was difficult for us in January because we struggled to get into a good shape after the World Cup. We're doing very well now and we're going to finish the season well".

Vini Jr.
"He put in a great performance today. He played very well, he took them on a lot of times, he won duels... His performance was top notch".