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Real Madrid - Espanyol

Ancelotti: “The goal we conceded didn't change our attitude and we fought back well"

NEWS STORY. 11/03/2023

"We were really mobile up top with Rodrygo and Vini and we created lots of chances", said the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti appeared in the press room at the Santiago Bernabéu to speak to the press following the win over Espanyol on LaLiga matchday 25: “We gave a good account of ourselves in the game. We didn't start well and things could have got a bit ugly. It was all a bit mad early on. The goal didn't affect our attitude because we came back really well in the first half, then we controlled things in the second. I asked the referee to explain Vinicius' yellow card and he told me it was for persistent shirt-pulling".
“I thought Tchouameni played well. He lost the ball a couple of times, these kinds of games are not ideal for him. He's got fantastic defensive attributes, when we have to keep the ball, he's not going to give his best. He's in good shape and we're going to have faith in him for upcoming games":
100 LaLiga wins
“Let's go for another 100. We were really mobile up top and we tried to do more down the right-hand side because Rodrygo worked hard on that side and Vinicius got his goal from over there. That's where we had most of our chances".

Liverpool tie
“We had a good lead against Chelsea last year and we really struggled in that game. The facts are we have an advantage and we're favourites. On the other hand, we have to play 90 minutes like we did in the first leg, well aware we're in the lead. We're not trying to hide that and I hope we can take advantage of it. We can't think about hanging onto the result and managing the game".
Vini Jr.
“I thought he showed exemplary attitude. He didn't protest or say anything at all. He played really well and he need to keep going".

"Camavinga is very young and not so used to playing as a left-back. He has to improve. The idea is to play him more inside, not as a full-back".
"The system depends on the opponent's strategy. If they close down a lot in the middle of the park, like Espanyol did today, it's better to have two wingers. If there is more space in the centre, like against Betis, it's better to have a playmaker like Rodrygo. In pressing, we're better off with a playmaker. The 4-4-2 in defence is the most suitable for applying pressure up front".
Board of Directors meeting
"I know there is a board meeting. It's a very important issue, but I prefer to concentrate on the next game".
Militão and Rodrygo's LaLiga goals 
"Militão could be a great striker, but I don't know if Rodrygo could be a great defender. At times, Rodrygo has helped us a lot in defence. Militão has been very strong in attack and Rodrygo has scored fewer goals because I ask him to help out at the back".
Fight until the end
"It's so difficult to make it to the end of all three competitions. The fact is that we have a disadvantage in the Copa and in LaLiga, with a slight advantage in the Champions League, which is the toughest competition in the world".