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Pintus: “The players came back in very good physical condition"

NEWS STORY. 15/07/2022

"These tests are essential to find out where we are and how the players are", said the fitness coach on Realmadrid TV.

Antonio Pintus was in charge of a training session featuring fitness tests with the players wearing masks to simulate the effects of training at altitude. The fitness coach explained this method on Realmadrid TV: "The test is carried out using a mask with a layer 5 system. It is certainly not hypoxia training. It's a test designed to find out the players' aerobic and anaerobic thresholds and their current power. The mask works to analyse oxygen and carbohydrates. We need to know the percentage of one and the other in order to determine the player's condition at the moment".

"The result helps to personalise or at least give some direction to the work the team is doing. Pre-season training is based on an aerobic foundation of long runs which is then used hand in hand with the direction and objective of shorter and faster runs".

"I can find out from these tests if the players still need a long, low-intensity base running work or if I can start working on a more intense and faster training. The break in training in November due to the World Cup will be good for me, because we can do another pre-season and work a little bit more for the players who stay behind. It will be different for the players who're going to the World Cup. They'll have to rest one hundred per cent when the come back and then return to work gradually. It's going to be completely different for the two groups".

Praise for the team
"It's essential to know where we are and how they players are at through these test. I'm very happy with the players. They came back in a very good condition. It's also a result of the work we've done over the past year. I'd like to thank them first of all. When the test turns out like this, it's not down to me, but due to their hard work".