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Real Madrid City hosts a session by the Safe Stadium project

NEWS STORY. 10/04/2022

The club is involved in this initiative which seeks to improve safety at stadiums through Real Madrid Next.

This Sunday, Real Madrid City hosted a session by the Safe Stadium project, a program which is attempting to boost safety measures at sporting facilities in order to respond to CBRN threats (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear). Real Madrid, who is involved via its Real Madrid Next cyber-security and technology department, is a partner on the project in collaboration with the INTA (National Aerospace Technical Institute) and Lodz University in Poland.
The session at Real Madrid City brought together all of the main participants in the program. They took part in a series of exhibitions aimed at assessing safety needs for spotting facilities and contributing innovative ideas in terms of responding to CBRN threats in different scenarios.
Bernabéu Visit
The Santiago Bernabéu, one of the pilot stadiums for the initiative, welcomed the group of experts on the project on Saturday in order to assess how the stadium's current safety procedures are implemented.

Video.Real Madrid City hosts a session by the Safe Stadium project