Ancelotti: "This is a crucial spell for us"

NEWS STORY. 01/01/2022. Alberto Navarro

"We're back in LaLiga action, we've got the Copa on Wednesday, and the Super Cup too. We want to keep fighting for all available trophies", added the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti appeared in an online press conference in the build-up to clash with Getafe at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez (Sunday, 2:00pm CET). Before taking questions, the coach began: “I'd like to wish everyone a happy 2022, I hope it's a good year for you all". He then went on to reflect on the squad: "The team has trained well, despite this being a strange time for everyone. We have a few players out, with Jović and Vinicius still testing positive, Carvajal and Bale still recovering and Camavinga suspended”.

“We're just thinking about continuing to fight for all the available trophies. It's an interesting period because we're back playing in LaLiga, we've got the Copa on Wednesday and then we're going to Arabia for the Super Cup too. It's a crucial spell for us and what's going to happen on the 30th of June is the last thing on my mind”.

"We have to weigh up the situation. The player is fine and was even when he got the positive test. He hasn't had any symptoms and worked on his own at home. He looked in good shape today and I think he's fit to play".

Praise for Hazard
“He's fine, he looked absolutely full of confidence in the last match and gave a great account of himself, showing real commitment. He could be a key player for us tomorrow, but I won't reveal the line-up now, I'm going to wait a bit”.

Should games be postponed games due to COVID?
“Everyone has an opinion. Lots of teams are affected by it but there is a protocol in place and we have to follow that. If it's in line with the protocol, the games should go ahead. It's fair because the pandemic is largely under control. I'm no doctor but I listen to several scientists who are saying as much. We have to keep going and we can do so".

A wish for 2022
“Winning is what drives me. LaLiga is still a gap on my CV and I'd love to win it, but my wish is good health for everybody because if those around you are well, you feel better".

“He's a highly motivated goalkeeper, he's a real professional and he trains brilliantly. He's got superb quality and he'll show that soon enough. He hasn't had a lot of game time because he has the best goalkeeper in the world in front of him. I understand that, he understands it and so does everyone else. I'm sure he'll have a hugely successful career”.

Next season
“I'd love to be in the Real Madrid dugout when the new stadium opens. I know it's a bit selfish, but that's something that really interests me. The future of this club is assured. It's a club that has competed, is competing and will always compete. I'm sure that'll be the case more than ever in the future".

Bale, Marcelo, Isco and Modrić
“The four of them are coming to the end of their contracts and the club has time to speak to them and make the best decision for everyone".

Players' responsibilities
“In general terms, players have a responsibility on the pitch and a social responsibility off it. They have a lot of followers and they have to be a good example for everyone. Vinicius Jr. went on holiday and unfortunately he caught the virus, like millions of  people who have behaved just fine".