Fundación Real Madrid

The Real Madrid Foundation at the 14th Meeting of Professional Football Club Foundations

NEWS STORY. 27/11/2021

Sustainability in the management of social responsibility at the heart of the presentations.

The Real Madrid Foundation took part in the 14th Meeting of Professional Football Club Foundations, organised by the LaLiga Foundation and the Fundació VCF. The event saw representatives from the foundations across the professional ranks of the Spanish game come together to discuss the most relevant topics in the field, with a particular focus on social and charity actions.

The main topic in this edition was the strategic management of social responsibility in relation to regulations, finances, the environment and the social context, which demands commitment and honesty in the reporting of data. 

The event was attended by Valencia president Anil Murthy; Olga de la Fuente, director of the LaLiga Foundation; and Teo Swee Wei, general director of the VCF Foundation. Other speakers included the general director of Forética España, Germán Granda; Olga de la Fuente and Roberto Fernández Villarino, external collaborator for the LaLiga Foundation.
There was also a round table session on experiences related to the impact of sports on social development, with the socio-sports project called LaLiga, Valores y Oportunidad (LaLiga, Values and Opportunity). The event also discussed how sport can act as a means to attain the sustainable development goals regarding climate action and sustainable work from the perspective of sport for development.
These conferences were first held in 2004 and since then they have been organised at a number of different locations and venues. These meetings have all shared a clear objective, which is to create a meeting place where attendees can share experiences, enhance collaboration between clubs and their foundations, foster common learning, and address the needs and challenges currently being confronted in professional football.