Ancelotti: "We need to put in a complete performance"

NEWS STORY. 05/11/2021

"I like the way Rayo Valllecano play, they're direct and defend well", said the coach.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media via a virtual press conference prior to the league game against Rayo Vallecano (Saturday, 9pm CEST). The coach said: "I'm expecting to see a Real Madrid side that needs to put in a complete performance because we're up against a side that I like the way they play, they're a very good team and demonstrate all their qualities. They're direct and they defend well. We need to put on a performance with the identity of Real Madrid, able to adapt to the conditions of the game".

"We make changes to rest some players and to keep others motivated. I don't think the team is tired at the moment. It's true that I only made two changes in the last game, because I didn't want to change the dynamic of a game where we were under pressure, because in my opinion we had it under control. I didn't change much in midfield because Valverde wasn’t available and because Kroos, Modrić and Casemiro have been playing well. We've won four games out of five after the break and I was pleased with their contributions".
"I spoke to a player yesterday, I won't mention his name, and he told me something very interesting. That sometimes a player is changed because he's not playing well and the player understands that. I said to him that if the player understands that he's not playing well, why do you get angry about the change? And he told me that a player who doesn't get angry because he's substituted when he's not playing well isn't a player. I totally agree with this. Get angry with the coach, but not with the person. I used to get angry when Capello didn't start me and he said to me: 'You'll understand when you're a coach'. I now understand very well".

"Every game has its own narrative and its individual strategy. For example, in the first and second games against Shakhtar we had the same strategy, which was to play a low to medium block, but the game turned out differently. We scored a lot of goals in the first game and not as many in the second game, but the strategy was the same. The strategy changes in every game. We'll have a different one tomorrow, we can press higher because Rayo have different characteristics, that's clear".
"He's not happy because he’s a quality player, he’s training well, he's focused and deserves to get minutes, as he will. Is he going to play tomorrow? I don't know, he could start tomorrow. The important thing is that he's focused. As I said before, I'm sorry because it's quite easy to put a player on the bench who's not professional in training, but he's very professional and he's going to get minutes. I said he's going to get minutes. I have to think whether that will be from the start. I've got one day to think about the line-up".
"Hazard can play on the left In a 4-3-3. He's always played there. We have to see if he can play on the right too. Sometimes I think he can play there too. Valverde is 21 years old, he's a fantastic player, like Camavinga, who's 18. They're lucky to be with the best in the world every day. They're the present and they are going to be the future of this team for years to come".
Second spell at Real Madrid
"I'm very excited, very happy and enjoying every day at this club and in this city. I feel, I can't say what the Spaniards usually say, but I feel very happy".

Video.Ancelotti: Necesitamos hacer un partido completo

Bale trained with the whole group today, but won't be in the squad because he hasn't trained a lot with the team. He's going to go to Wales and they will assess whether he's fit or not. It'll be down to how the player trains there. Bale is fine and it's clear that it's very important that he feels right training after two months out and whether he's feeling confident. That happens to players when they come back”.

 “I’m not his father. Some fans might not be happy with Bale, but that may be because things haven’t gone so well recently. Last season he was on loan at Tottenham, but nobody should forget what he’s done here. He helped us to win the Champions League and the Copa del Rey in 2014 and he helped us to win the Champions League against Liverpool. Real Madrid fans will never forget that. He’s not in his finest moment here, but we have to keep the faith. He’s had a bad injury, but now he’s back. He’ll be with the national team and if he’s in good condition when he returns and deserves to play, then he’ll play”.

“If a player is called up by their national team, we have the obligation to let them go and to inform them of their current condition, like the fact that he’s been given the go ahead or has been training for two days with the team. They’ll be playing next Saturday and will have time to assess his condition. I don’t think either Wales or the player will take the risk of playing if he’s not right”.

"He’s been cleared to play because if he trains with the team it means he’s fully fit and can train. We can't tell the national team that he can't play because it's something objective. He had a scan where he’d fully recovered, and then the national team has to evaluate whether he can play or not”.

“The team has improved a lot defensively. We have to be better organised collectively. Sometimes the back four don't all move together. For the Shakhtar goal, two of them were forward and we have to improve this. In the last five games we have conceded three goals, some came in the 90th minute, against Barcelona and against Elche, and against Shakhtar the team improved and we are going to continue to do so”.

Offensive set-pieces
“That’s right. We haven’t scored many goals that way. We have great free-kick takers and we’re now better organised in terms of positioning in the opposition’s area. This is one of our issues and we hope to fix it soon. But last season with Everton we scored a lot of goals in this area and we had good free-kick takers, just like here, but we have to improve our positioning in the area a bit more”.

The whistling from the crowd
“We have to be mindful of the reaction from the fans. There’re moments in the games when they didn't like what they saw because the team was defending very poorly, and of course I have to bear that in mind. Because we care a lot about what the fans think. We’d like the fans to be happy and enjoy watching the game, and when they whistle, it's clear that they will demand more from you. We have to work on this”.

“I am really fond of Dani as a player, I saw him play last year at Arsenal. I saw him several times. He's been recovering from a major injury and he started training on the grass on his own a few days ago. We need a bit more time for him to be able to train with the team again”.