La Fundación Real Madrid continúa sus programas formativos con el Servicio de Aprendizaje de Colombia (SENA)

The Foundation continues its training programs with Colombia's National Learning Service (SENA)

NEWS | 02/09/2021

Workshops, courses and webinars complete the educational offering.
The sixth program by Sports&Values Academy TV made for Colombia's National Learning Service (SENA) is underway. It is a course for coaches in values through sport, as part of the web seminar framework open to the SENA community. These programs are aimed at using education as a vehicle for personal and social transformation with the utilisation of new neuro-didactic tools, as well as promoting education in values to train better all-round athletes.

The content of the programmes designed as part of Colombia's National Learning Service seeks to offer students holistic training that hones technical and socio-emotional skills with a view to developing the soft skills of the professionals and students involved in the SENA Physical Activity, Recreation and Sports network.