Rueda de prensa de Zidane

Zidane: "We're going to give our all and try to win LaLiga"

NEWS | 12/05/2021

"Granada are having a great season and they're a very good team", said the Real Madrid coach.
Zinedine Zidane spoke to the media from the press room at Real Madrid City after the last training session before the game against Granada (Thursday, 10pm CEST): "Firstly, I agree with you. Granada are a very good team with a coach who is doing brilliantly with his team. It's another difficult game for us tomorrow, but we're aware of that. We know that we have to be at our best in every game we play, at 100%, from the first minute until the last. The opposition want to play well against us and we'll try to go out and get the three points".
"We've got three games left. We're focussed on tomorrow's game first and playing the way we're playing. The players want to play good football and we're going to try to do that tomorrow. We're going to compete and do all we can to win the game. That's all that matters to us. We're going to give it our best shot, whatever happens. We don't know what's going to happen, but I can tell you that we're going to give everything out on the pitch to try to win this league. We'll see how it turns out in the end".
"Everyone has their job to do and I'm not going to talk about the referees any more. I have faith in football. We'll do our job and everyone else does theirs. If I say something every time, I'm going to cause a stir for nothing. There are three games left to play and we just have to focus on out jobs, the things that we can control". 

"I'm not going to get into controversial issues. All I'm saying is that things have to be clear for everyone. VAR will always help, it's something that's been brought in to improve football. It has been done for that reason and I'm just saying that things have to be made clear on specific situations. If you ask me whether football people should sit down to discuss it and come out and say that it'll always be seen this way for everyone, I'd say yes. So that everyone is on the same page".

Assessment of the season
"We can win LaLiga and we can lose it. The most important thing is to give our all every game and the way we perform on the pitch. It's a very long season and we've put in some good performances. At Real Madrid you always have to have a good season. There are good moments and bad moments during a season. We give it our best shot every year, but I'm not going to say it's a bad season because a bad season is when you don't give everything on the pitch. 


In 2017, when we won the league, it was a fantastic season and we won it in the last game and we could have lost it. The most important thing is to give everything in life, you can't control everything.  You can only control what you do, then whatever happens is what happens".

"The first team is always important, but Castilla are also important to us. They've got a lot to play for, but if we need players we'll call on the second team. That's good for everyone. I get on well with Raúl and we are in constant communication when deciding things".
Return of fan to the stands
"I think they're going to decided today or tomorrow. We're waiting to find out if fans will be there for the last two games. If they are, that's better for football and for the fans, it's like going back to normality, which is what we all want. I usually watch the games if I can because I'm usually at home. I watch the games because I like football".

Are you already working on the future?
"No. I'm only thinking about these three games. You're asking a clever question, but I'm sorry, I'm going to repeat that there are three games left and I'm focussed on them".

"A lot of things are being talked about here. It's Real Madrid. We know that people like to talk about transfers, about changes, but in the end it's not the time to talk about that. The only thing the players are thinking about is the three games and that's all they're thinking about. I'm happy because that's the most important goal for us, when I see the players focussed only on the three games, I'm happy".