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Zidane: “We want to win LaLiga and we'll fight to the end"

NEWS | 30/04/2021 | Alberto Navarro

“To get to this point like we have despite the difficulties is an amazing reflection of this team's character", said the madridista coach.
Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane appeared in an online press conference in the build-up to this weekend's clash with Osasuna on LaLiga matchday 34 (Saturday, 9:00pm CEST): “We're still in the competition, fighting for the title. We've been focused on our work day to day and LaLiga will be tough until the end. We're approaching the end of the season and we've got a hugely important game so we're focused only on that. There are three points to play for and we're going to try and take them".
“We can't control anything that's going on around us, we can influence only what we're doing. There are a lot of games, lots of minutes, there have been changes this year with injuries and COVID, but the key thing is that those who are available are ready to compete. We want to do that and take as many points as we possibly can. We have to do a good job and focus only on this next game. That's how football works. If you start thinking beyond it, it's very difficult and you can't do it all".
The key to winning LaLiga
“The main thing is to take as many points as possible. There are four teams fighting for the LaLiga title and that's the way it'll be until the end of the season. Every little thing is crucial, there are four teams still in it and we'll fight with all we've got to be champions".

Barcelona's defeat to Granada
LaLiga is incredibly difficult and that's how it'll be until the end. I don't take pleasure in our rivals losing games. We want to win LaLiga and we'll fight to do so until the end of the campaign. We want to concentrate on what's to come and all we're focused on is the Osasuna match".
"I couldn't tell you what's causing it. Every club has had problems, perhaps we've suffered even more so. To get to this point like we have despite the difficulties is an amazing reflection of what every player has given and the character of this team. This is all thanks to hard work and dedication to our passion, and believing on what you're doing on the pitch".

Where there are problems, there are always solutions and we're constantly attempting to find them.

"When you've got 7 or 8 significant injuries, you look at question what's going on but we believe in ourselves and that's the key to making it through this. That's how we've done it and will continue to do so until the end of the season. As a coach, I'm very frustrated because I want my players fit and healthy. When one of them gets injured or has a recurrence of an issue, I'm not happy about it, but we have to keep moving forward and remain positive. I've learned that where there are problems, there are always solutions and we're constantly attempting to find them".

"We've done the best we could at every moment. It's not easy to manage a squad like Real Madrid's because everyone has an opinion. My job is to manage things in the best possible way. Even so, it's been particularly difficult with all the injuries. It's been a strange year because physical preparation is essential for a player and we haven't had any time for that, we just train and play matches. When you're running on empty and have to prepare with little time, we might see injuries and that's what's happened. We're managing it as well as we can, I hope we still have seven games left to come and we'll keep going until the end".

The team's physical condition
"Physically, we're fine. These things will be decided by fine margins. We look in good shape defensively and the key thing is to use the ball well. Our strength lies in working together, defending as a unit. We have to improve with the ball and that's what we'll try and do. When we've got the ball, that's when we can make a difference with our technical quality".

Ramos' return
“He's back training with us and that's great news. He could well play, you'll see tomorrow. We'll name the squad later and you'll find out but he's ready to be back with us".

Marcelo called up for election duty on Tuesday 
“It's the way it goes and he'll fulfil his obligations. Nothing changes, he'll be with us on Wednesday". 

Mendy's recovery
"He won't be available against Osasuna. He's still recovering and he hasn't trained with us yet. We'll have to see how he is for Wednesday's game".