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Real Madrid - Chelsea

Marcelo: “The return match will be a different game”

NEWS | 27/04/2021 | Rodrigo Salamanca

 “Karim’s goal was decisive and it changed the complexion of the game”,  explained Varane.
Real Madrid played out a 1-1 draw against Chelsea in the sides’ Champions League semi-final first-leg clash. Marcelo captained the side and reflected on the game in the following terms: “We went out with a plan, but we didn’t manage to execute it in the first 20 minutes. We then began to play as we wanted to and things changed”.

“We knew all about their counter-attacks. We’re fine and know what we have to do and the return leg will be a different match. Tonight’s was a tough game, just like they all are, but we’re relaxed and will put in a good performance at their place”.
“The team is about more than 25 players. We’re all here to help out. Someone scores the goals, but the rest of us work to help out. I’m really happy that Karim got the goal. We come away with our heads held high”.

Fighting until the end
“We’re now going to rest up a bit and look at what we have to do. The message to the fans is that we’re working hard and doing things properly. We know that Real Madrid will battle on until the end and that they’ll back us because we’re going to fight”.
Varane: “Benzema’s goal was decisive"
“It was a game of two halves. They made a really strong start and pressed us a lot and played with a high tempo. They managed to break through our first line of pressure and were very direct”.

Courtois: "With the score at 1-1, the return leg will be like a cup final".

"That’s why they caused so much danger at the start of the game. But after Karim’s goal, we controlled the game better and dictated the pace. The second half was much better”.

Pressure from opposition
“We couldn’t quite find the killer pass to split their defence and they caused us problems with their pressing. We’ll have to learn from the way the game started for the return leg”.

Benzema’s goal
“In games like this, Karim’s goal was decisive and it changed the complexion of the game. We know how much quality he has and he helps us a lot”. 

Mentality for the return leg
“At this stage of the competition, both the physical and psychological aspects are essential. We have to go there to win. We have to go for it and play high up in their half”. 

“He made a vital save at the beginning of the match. He’s having a great season and he’s really important for the team. He really kept us in the game and he did well not to concede more goals at the start”.

Courtois: “The return leg will be like a cup final”
“The return leg will be like a cup final. Their aggression and intensity, which was greater than ours, took its toll. We wanted to make the sort of start that they did and apply a high press. They gave their all in we struggled a bit more in the opening 20-25 minutes. We have to improve on the balls over the top. We were more in control in the second half”. 
Preparation for Stamford Bridge
“With the score at 1-1, the second leg is like a cup final. I don’t think it will finish 0-0. They might be more relaxed about it, but I think they would be wrong to sit back. We caused them problems when we were in possession. We’ll see what kind of game it is. When we analyse it with Zidane, we’ll see what the plan is for Stamford Bridge”.