Rueda de prensa de Zidane

Zidane: "We like to compete and we won't let our heads drop now"

NEWS | 20/04/2021 | Rodrigo Salamanca

"We're going to give it our all against a tough side who defend very well", said the coach.
Zinedine Zidane appeared in the media room at Real Madrid City following the final training session ahead of the trip to Cádiz on LaLiga matchday 31 (Wednesday, 10:00pm CEST). The coach said: "Our motivation is the same. There's not long left until the end of the season and we're going to give it our all tomorrow. We know it'll be a tough game because these teams defend very well and they're playing at home. We're going to go after the game and try and take the points as ever".

"We've been competing for eight months and all sorts has happened. They wanted me out, said the players were past it. The key thing is that we're still alive, competing and that's what we like. There's one month to go and we're going to fight until the final day, we won't let our heads drop now, I can guarantee that". 

Pushing the limits
"I don't know if we're going to win or lose but the key thing is the strength, hard work we're going to bring everything we do. We're motivated by competition. We talked about being at the limit the other day, but we're going to exceed the limits. When you get to that point, you can do more every day and that's what we'll try to do". 

Super League
"I'll answer that very clearly. That's a question for one person. the president. I'm here to talk about the Cádiz match. Everyone has their opinion but I'm not here to discuss it. I'm here to talk about tomorrow, LaLiga and the Champions League, the rest is not my job. We're not going to talk about it. We'll only discuss tomorrow's game and the players are firmly focused on preparing to put in a good performance".

We talked about being at the limit the other day, but we're going to exceed the limits.

"We've got lots of games coming up. We can't control the rest and we've got a game we need to prepare for. It's another opportunity. I won't give my opinion. You might say Zidane never takes a stance or says anything and that's absolutely true. My job and what motivates me is my efforts day to day and tomorrow's game. All that matters are trophies. I'm focused on Cádiz. I have my opinion on this but it doesn't matter".

"Varane and Carvajal are fine and will be back tomorrow, that's good news".

Physical condition
"We'll put out a team who will fight hard, that's the key thing. We know certain players have a few issues but we're not at the bare bones yet. With all that's happened, all that's been said about us, we're not about to let our heads drop now. Quite the opposite. We'll have players who are ready and others who aren't. We'll put out a competitive team to try and win the game".

Injury absences
Hazard and Kroos will not be involved. Eden is still not 100%. He's getting back into the swing of things but won't be involved. It's important for him to be at 100% if he's coming back. No player is ever quite 100%. Eden is a special case. We have to be very careful with him. We've got more games on Saturday and then on Tuesday and we'll see how it goes".

“If the president mentioned it, that's fine. We're only thinking about tomorrow's match and that's the truth. That's what motivates us because we can control what goes on out on the pitch".