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Minutes from the Real Madrid Electoral Board meeting

The Real Madrid Club de Fútbol Electoral Board has met and the following resolutions have been passed:

PRESIDENT           Mr. José Manuel de Carlos Grau
SECRETARY          Mr. Juan Raúl Castellanos Tarragó
VOCAL MEMBER   Mr. Lorenzo Álvarez Martín
VOCAL MEMBER   Mr. Alfredo Revuelta de la Puente
VOCAL MEMBER   Mr. Luis Alejandro Huerta Calvo

On 13 April 2021, in Madrid, at 00:01 hours, at the headquarters of the Real Madrid Club de Fútbol Electoral Board, the individuals listed at the beginning meet to discuss and decide on the matters listed below.

Given the existing health situation resulting from Covid-19, the president, Mr. José Manuel de Carlos Grau, has decided that the members of the Electoral Board who so wish may participate telematically.
Having presented no more than one candidacy declared by this Electoral Board and by virtue of article 40, section E, point 2 of the current by-laws of the club, Mr. Florentino Pérez Rodríguez is declared president of Real Madrid and the Board of Directors of Real Madrid the candidacy made up of the following candidates:

Mr. Florentino Pérez Rodríguez MEMBER Nº 1.793 CHAIRMAN
Mr. Fernando Fernández Tapias MEMBER Nº 27,408 VICE-CHAIRMAN
Mr. Eduardo Fernández de Blas MEMBER Nº 4,531 VICE-PRESIDENT
Mr. Pedro López Jiménez MEMBER Nº 11.216 VICE-PRESIDENT
Mr. Enrique Sánchez González MEMBER Nº 12,666 SECRETARY
Mr. Santiago Aguado García MEMBER Nº 1.358 VOCAL MEMBER
Mr. Jerónimo Farré Muncharaz MEMBER Nº 2.165 VOCAL MEMBER
Mr Enrique Pérez Rodríguez MEMBER Nº 5,876 VOCAL MEMBER
Mr. Manuel Cerezo Velázquez MEMBER Nº 10.015 VOCAL MEMBER
Mr. José Sánchez Bernal MEMBER Nº 11.264 VOCAL MEMBER
Mr. Manuel Torres Gómez MEMBER Nº 12.748 VOCAL MEMBER
Mr. Gumersindo Santamaría Gil MEMBER Nº 15.888 VOCAL MEMBER
Mr. Raúl Ronda Ortiz MEMBER Nº 16.655 VOCAL MEMBER 
Mr. José Manuel Otero Lastres MEMBER Nº 17.192 VOCAL MEMBER
Mr. Nicolás Martín-Sanz García MEMBER Nº 19.099 VOCAL MEMBER
Mr. José Luis del Valle Pérez MEMBER Nº 42.518 VOCAL MEMBER
Ms. Catalina Miñarro Brugarolas MEMBER Nº 49.345 VOCAL MEMBER

And with no further matters to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 12:15am at the place and time indicated above.