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Zidane: "We need to put in a great performance to get through"

NEWS | 15/03/2021

"Atalanta are a very strong team and we can't think that we've got them with the result of the first leg", said the coach.
Zinedine Zidane spoke in a virtual press conference ahead of the match against Atalanta (Tuesday, 9pm CET): "We're starting from scratch because  we've already played the first leg, but we haven't played the second leg. It will be difficult, we haven't achieved anything. We need to demonstrate a lot again to get through the tie. The aim is to put in a great performance, but we mustn't thing the job is done after the first leg".

"We're only thinking about this match. The players are focused on it and it's a final. It's the second leg and we know we have to put in a great performance to get through, Atalanta are a very strong side, with their strengths and their qualities. We know we have to put in a great performance to get through".

"I think they'll come here and look to win the game, I've no doubt about that. We have to put in a great performance to be able to progress. We played the first leg, we won, but for us it doesn't mean anything. We have to play the second leg and it's going to be very difficult for us".

Three central defenders
"We can play like this. We've played this formation in a few games. It's part of our game, we can play like this or with four, we can play in different ways. But we'll see tomorrow how we're going to set up. It's not the first time we've played with three defenders".

Casemiro out
"You'll see how we're going to play tomorrow. Casemiro won't be with us but there are other players who will do well. I'm not worried about these things. It's always going to happen because of injury, bans or other factors. We have to be aware that there are other players and we're going to put in a great performance with other players".

"We know the type of player we have. He trains, he's focused on what he does. We always want more from Marco and all the players, we know the his quality, but everyone has an opinion here. We're behind Marco and all the players and I know he brings something to the team as he's doing when he plays. We're always going to ask him to score more goals and this will come with time".


"I'm very lucky to be here. If I don't complain, that doesn't mean anything, I complain from time to time, but I am who I am. I'm not going to be someone else because it's not going to work. I am the way I am and tomorrow I'm not going to get into shouting or doing things that aren't me. I'm lucky to be here".

"He's a player who's adapted well to our league. He's improving a lot. He is a player for the present and future, we know the quality he has with the ball, and technically, what he can do on the pitch and we're happy with Rodrygo. We have to let him continue with his normal development, but we're very happy with him".

"He's better now. The most important thing is that he's in good shape and he's in good shape now. He's recovered and wants to be with the team, to contribute like he has. We know what Fede can bring to our team and he'll be ready tomorrow".

Injury problem
"I don't think there's a problem. We have very competent people here, who are close to the players every day and then there are things you can't explain. We're going to see what's happening with the players who get injured, but these things happen in football. We have talked about the pre-season, about lots of games, about the accumulation of many things and also in the head, has a lot of influence. There're some very good people here for the players and we're going to try to get the players back. You were talking about the fact that there are a lot of injuries, but now there are less now and I hope we can get everyone back soon".

"He is not fit to be with us. I can't tell you any more because I can't explain these things to you. I hope it's not much because we have to be positive. Something is happening. He's a player who's never been injured or not been injured much in his career and this is a new situation for him. I can't explain any more. We're there for him and we want him to get better. I hope he'll be back with us soon".

"Our fans have to wait for him. We know the type of player he is and we want to see Eden playing, that's obvious, but at the moment it can't be the way he wants it to be and we'll be patient and wait. He has a long contract. I want our fans, all the people who work here, to see the player Hazard is. And this is going to come sooner or later. We have to be patient".