Rueda de prensa de Zidane

Zidane: “We have to be ready because there are no easy competitions or matches"

NEWS | 19/01/2021 | Javier Vázquez

"We're working hard to win titles and we're looking forward to the cup", said the Real Madrid coach.
Zinedine Zidane spoke to the media from the press room at Real Madrid City after the final training session before the Copa del Rey match round of sixteen match against Alcoyano. The coach said: "It's not a potential banana skin because Alcoyano have already knocked a Primera team out. We've seen what is happening in the competition and we have to be 100% at it. We know what we're going to come up against".
"It is clear that it's not a competition that lies. There've been a lot of surprises in the cup, it's always been like this, it's the same in most countries. Smaller teams have the opportunity to play against a big one and they give their all. We have to be ready because there are no easy competitions or matches. Never".
Excitement for the cup
"We're excited to have the chance of winning something. We work to try to win things, in any competition, but we work everyday to be ready, we train to try to win matches. You can't always win, but we prepare for that. Thanks for reminding me that I haven't won it, and that's why we're excited about winning it".

"We're training very well. It's true that some players play less. This is an opportunity for us to put in a great performance and get back to winning ways. The squad is complete. We have to choose eleven players for each match, but my players are ready for anything and that's good".
"He's always motivated. We're not going to go over his injuries again. It's been a long and complicated process. He was a player who hadn't suffered may injuries and now it's getting difficult for him. I'm sure that he'll get back to his level. We have to accept this situation and get on with it to come out on top and that's what he's going to do. I'm sure he's not going to change as a player".
"One doesn’t have anything to do with the other. Sergio and Lucas are long-serving players at Real Madrid, what they've done for this club will never change. They're ready, focused on Real Madrid. The other thing is another matter, and we will see in the future".


"This is Real Madrid. In football one team wins and is good and the others are bad, and that's not the case. There are a lot of people who work hard, not just me as the coach, everyone. There's a lot that goes off behind the scenes at a team and a club. It's not just about winning. Of course we try and prepare for that, but in the end there are lots things connected to it. When we lose, there's criticism, it's part of the game and it's not going to stop me from sticking with what we're doing because it's always happened to us. In difficult times, Real Madrid reacts, that’s what we're going to try to do, to react to be positive and to turn things around".
Do top players play where they want to play?
"In the end, yes. I think that's the way it is. I agree with what Ronaldo said at the time. Everyone has a contract, everyone has their own issues, and I don't think it's a good to get involved in everything because you can talk about your players, but it's difficult to get involved in other people's issues. But yes, I think the same".
"I’m happy with what he's done in scoring two goals. It's what he knows how to do. I'm happy for him and I wish him all the best because he's a Real Madrid player".
"You ask and I'll answer. Sorry, the challenge for us is tomorrow's game. You're there to talk about all these things".
Transfer market
"You've just said it, anything can happen. Check out Jović. I want my players, all of them. They're here, we have a lot to do here and I'm going to count on everyone. That's never going to change. If something changes, if something happens, it's got until the 31st to happen".
"That's the easy thing to say, that I'm to blame. I always support my players. There was also talk at the time about Reguilon and that it was my fault. The players who stay here know what to expect. It's Real Madrid and it's difficult. I have experienced it as a player".
"There are situations like that with Jović, who is 21 years old. It's been a good move to buy a player like him. I'm happy that one day we'll be able to see the same things at Real Madrid, but playing elsewhere and playing here is different. Luka is 21 years old and has the future to show what he can do as a Real Madrid player, and that's the same for everyone. When you are here you have to prove yourself with the competition because there's always a lot of competition here. But it's not the coach's fault, the players have to demonstrate what they can do".