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Zidane: “We have to be ready to give our best”

NEWS | 08/01/2021

“We're heading to a tough ground against good opposition but we know what we're playing for”, added the coach.
Zidane spoke to the media in an online press conference ahead of this weekend's clash between Osasuna and Real Madrid at El Sadar (Saturday, 9:00pm CET): "We're heading to a tough ground against good opposition but we know what we're playing for and we have to be ready to give it our best, play well, defend solidly. All aspects of the game to try and take all three points".
“We all hope we can play and that the pitch is in good condition. We'll travel this evening and prepare for the game like normal. Then we'll have to see what happens. It's going to be a different game given the weather. If we can play, we'll do so, and if not, then it's not to be. We have to travel today, there's no other option. These are our obligations and we do what we have to do as Real Madrid".

Your PCR result
"In the end it was negative and I'm ok. We were prepared in case something happened, but the important thing is that the team is okay. In the end I can be with the team and travel, and we're going to focus on everything regarding the game tomorrow".

Could Hazard be in the starting eleven?
​"He'll be with us and he's training consistently. I don't if he's ready to play 90 minutes, we'll see how we can use him tomorrow and the games coming up. Little by little. This doesn't change much. The weather is what it is and the players are used to playing. Eden is the same,he was playing in London. That's not the critera for me. We'll see how we play tomorrow, but as always I'm not going to tell you, you'll seetomorrow".

Casemiro, Kroos and Modric
"They're all ok. They're experienced players who've been playing together for a long time for Real Madrid. They know what it means to play for Real Madrid, just like those who haven't been here as long. They're all ready to compete and play. That's can only be good for us".


"There are 25 of us preparing for the match. What you've just said is true, it's the first time that this could happen in Spain with this storm. We don't know exactly what'll happen tomorrow, but the groundsmen here have done a lot of work this morning so that we can train normally. Everyone involved has made sure that we can train normally. We're preparing for the game as if we're going to play".
"I'm completely behind him. I know these situations aren't easy. What's important is what I see, he's fine and distances himself from all this and concentrates on his work, his family, what he wants and what he likes. They're complicated situations, but they'll get fixed quickly. He looks good to me and wants to make the fans happy when he's out on the pitch".
How have you prepared for the week?
"We had 3 days to do work, so we focussed mainly on the physical side, like a pre-season, as it's not really possible, but we did some activation work because we had time to do it".
External fitness trainers
"There's lots of things that come into play, but the most important thing is that the players are ready. We're here to prepare well and win games and we have to be ready. It's not up to the players, it's up to the coach, who has to pick the side. We haven't made many changes lately, but they're all training very well because they all want to play and that's the most important thing".
Contract renewals
"We haven't talked. The important thing is that it gets sorted. I want it sorted as soon as possible and that's it. What I want, and what I’m seeing, is that they’re training well, ready to play and doing things right. That for me is the most important thing. In football you never know. You know what we want for the players and in the end the important thing is that it's sorted out. After the game you'll ask me again and I'll tell you the same thing. You know what I think and I hope that it will be resolved. That's it. For the time being, Sergio is here, Lucas is here and tomorrow we have to play well".