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Real Madrid - Granada

Zidane: “Winning 6 consecutive games isn't easy and I congratulate the players"

NEWS | 23/12/2020

"It was a beautiful move for Casemiro's goal, he burst from deep and he's great in the air", said the coach.
Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room at the Alfredo Di Stéfano following the win over Granada to assess his team's performance: “A very hard-earned win. In the end, it was a really tough clash. We said in the build-up that it was going to be a very difficult game. They came out to press high and they did it very well, we struggled in the first half but we were much better after the break. I'm thrilled for the players because it's not at all easy to win six games in a row. We deserved the win following our second-half performance”.

“We were much improved in the second half, we won the ball back better, came out on top in one-on-ones, somewhere they were beating us before the break. We knew what we were in for, we've beaten a very good side who have picked up a number of fantastic results. We have to be pleased because winning six in a row is no mean feat. So I'm extremely grateful to the players".

Casemiro's goal
“We know he bursts well from deep, he gives us an awful lot defensively but going forward he's important too. It was a beautiful move, he burst through the line and he's great in the air, just like Rafa and Sergio”.

LaLiga or the Champions League
“We're going to keep working hard. We have an awful lot of games, we should be pleased with what we're doing. That's six wins in a row and we have to keep fighting on the pitch as we are, as a team. That's all I ask of the players, but I want them to rest up first because this is a time to be with family. Then, when we come back we'll be back to working very hard”.

We deserved the win following our second half performance.

"The players know that at certain times in matches it won’t go our way, but we stuck at it, we prepared for the match and that's what we always have to do. We're going to lose games again, but we're going to try to win as many as possible. From time to time it's inevitable. We're going to enjoy the fact we've won 6 games. I'm happy for the players because they have to put up with criticism from time to time. They've got 3 days to be with their families and enjoy what they've done. I wish my players all the best".

"It was a tight game and that's it. We have to make decisions in the moment and I didn't want to risk Eden again. He's ok, but that's it. We're going to rest a bit and then Eden will gradually come back into the team".

"You're always going to ask the same questions, but I'm going to answer you the same. It depends on the moment. I'll always count on everyone. Nothing changes, we carry on. You ask me and I'll answer you".

Goals from the midfielders
"They have it in them and are chipping in. Everyone is getting into better positions, but I think the result is down to everyone. Not just the three midfielders. We know how much work they do. They're good players, but teamwork has been important for a long time. We'll carry on like this because it's a long season. Happy holidays to everyone and a Merry Christmas".