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Zidane: “I believe in my players and we want to compete”


NEWS | 04/12/2020 | Javier Vázquez

"We have to put in a big performance against a very good side", said the Real Madrid coach. 
Zinedine Zidane spoke in the press room at Real Madrid City ahead of the last training session before Sevilla-Real Madrid, in the LaLiga matchday 12 fixture (Saturday, 4:15pm CET): "We know what the situation is and we are aware of it. We want to compete and this is another chance to move on. I believe in my players and that's important. The situation is difficult but we have been through it several times. We're going to show what Real Madrid is all about".
"The most important thing is tomorrow's match and we can't think any further ahead. We need to put in a big performance against a very good side. We have to pick up points tomorrow. We like to play in games like this, in which we have to compete. We know the importance of the two matches we have coming up and the first one is the league match which we're totally focussed on".
Sergio Ramos
" We're not going to take any chances with Sergio Ramos. If he can play, he'll be there. I don't want to play a player who has a problem and then he makes it worse. We'll see what we come up with tomorrow. We want all the players back".

“As always, I expect to see a good Sevilla side. They'll be competitive, that's the team's nature. Each manager chooses their starting line-up. Tomorrow it will be another tough game for us and we'll see who they field during the game”.
“It's not about the formation. When we don't have the ball we have to be focussed and in position to defend. Whether it's one formation or another, we know what we have to do when we don't have the ball and I don't think it's a case of us conceding more goals. The other day we conceded two goals on the counter attack, but we know how to keep the right balance. In many games we've kept cleansheets and we're going to try to do the same tomorrow. The aim is to not concede and to create goal-scoring opportunities”.


“What the players want to do is to compete, to play and they have always shown their support for me, but this is not the important thing. The important thing is that together we are going to get out of this. I've been a player here and now a coach. I know about the history I have with this club and what the players want is to give everything on the pitch. Sometimes things don't work out for us and they are the first to be unhappy. Sometimes we forget that too much. In a difficult moment like this we have to stick together and take the same path. So we are going to get through this, for sure”.
“I cannot comment. You are there to do your job and it doesn't bother me because in the end it's part of life. This is part of my position as coach of Real Madrid. When you don't win games, it's normal for there to be criticism, but that will not change what I think of my players and of the work I do every day. We have had some difficulty, but we continue”.
Is it more important to score or not to concede?
“For us it's both. We always try not to concede goals, and stopping the opposition from creating chances is essential. This means that if the opposition doesn't create chances, you are doing well defensively and then it's about having the opportunity to score. We created chances the other day, because in the first half we had opportunities to score. The ball just wouldn't go in and tomorrow we have to think positively that the goal will come".
The coach's most difficult period?
“Probably. But we've had difficult periods before and we were criticised. It's the same today. But you know, is it tougher? Perhaps it is, but no problem. I don't think about these things.  I think about what the players have done on the pitch. Tomorrow is another great chance for us to show we're a good team and that's all it is”.
“I've never thought that I'm irreplaceable. Not as a player, coach or person. Everyone is here for a reason and I'm here to go until the final day. We'll see what happens, but as you know, we have a game tomorrow and I'm only thinking about winning it. I don't care about the rest. What I care about is the players playing well and winning”.
The strength to turn around the situation?
“Yes, of course I have the strength. It's like in the past. There have been tough moments and difficult seasons. That's the way it is right now.  I feel strong enough to try to fix the situation and the players are going to give me the chance to do it by playing well against a great team rival and that's positive for us”.