Shakhtar Donetsk - Real Madrid

Zidane: “We need to show our pride and win the next game"

NEWS | 01/12/2020 | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba (Kiev)

"We deserved to score in the first half but didn't manage to do so and things then became tough for us", added the coach.
Zinedine Zidane addressed the press from the media room at Kiev’s Olympic Stadium in the aftermath of the game against Shakhtar Donetsk. The madridista boss reflected on the game in the following terms: “We've had some tricky times and you’re always going to get them. We’re on a bad run in terms of results, that's the reality of it, but we've got to keep going. We knew tonight's game was a cup final and we prepared really well for it. We put in a great first-half performance, but didn't manage to get the goal. We've got one game to go and need to win it and think about getting through to the next round. We've always had tricky times and there'll always be tricky times at this club”.

“There's no chance whatsoever of me standing down. We're going to keep going. In truth, we did really well in the first half. We deserved to be in front and that would have really changed things. Their goal did us a lot of damage because we were performing well in their half, pressing them and winning the ball back. We had two or three chances and even hit the post, but the ball didn't go in and then things became tough for us”.
 Message of optimism
“It's in the tough times that we have to show our character and pride. Tonight's game was a shame because we didn't deserve that. We'll have to win the next game, our last one. It wasn’t to be tonight, but we’ll keep the faith and fight hard, that’s for sure, I have no doubt in my mind”.

Keeping heads up
“I'm feeling strong and I’ll give it my all, as I always do. The same goes for the players, just like they did today. I don’t think we deserved to win in LaLiga the other day because it was a poor performance but we deserved it tonight. We have to keep our heads up and turn our attentions to the next game. When you’re on a bad run there’s nothing else for it but to help each other out and look ahead to the next match, which is important for us as well”.
“As you say, it’s a case of lots of things coming together. We pressed high today and won the ball back very well, we created a lot of chances to score and I don’t think it’s a question of how we’re playing or what the players are showing on the pitch because they’re doing a good job. Our problem is that we’re struggling to get the first goal that would make the game easier. We have to get through this rough patch because it’s obvious these are poor results for us, but we’re going to keep working hard and believe in what we do”.