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Zidane: "I've got a motivated squad that always wants to win"

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NEWS | 29/09/2020

"We must have the same determination and commitment to do as well in our stadium as we did at the end of last season", said the coach.
Zinedine Zidane spoke to the media during a virtual press conference prior to the league match against Valladolid, which will be played at the Alfredo Di Stéfano stadium (Wednesday, 9:30pm CEST): "We have to keep doing what we're doing. We know that these are difficult games and a tough opponent. A team that both at home and away will look to cause us problems, what we have to do is play well from the first minute until the last. To continue with what we did last season, we have to have the same motivation, determination and dedication as everyone else. We're at home and we want to win the game".
"We have a lot of options. I've got a motivated team that always wants to win. We know that we must and can improve and that's what we want. Improve by training and then use the players at the right time. We're working on it. We have to stay calm about these things. Above all, us on the inside, because obviously outside it's another thing".
Is the team in top form?
"It's a good question. We've had three weeks, we haven't had many games, only one friendly. We have to be confident with what we're doing and it's not a strange season. It is what it is. We must always be ready".
Criticisms of VAR
"As you just said, they are critical of getting it right. I'm not going to be talking about these things, everyone can say what they want. We're thinking about what we have to do because anything can happen in any game. Things will never change. What can we do? Focus on our work. I like to think about tomorrow's match. My players want the same, to think about the matches, because we can't control the rest. I'm not angry. Everyone can give their opinion and will continue to do so. The only thing I will say because it's the truth, is that they are critical of getting it right, because that's what happened the other day. That's it".
Setting up with 2 strikers
"The most important thing is the balance of the team. Not the set up. I don't know if you know what I do in the games because you have different opinions... In the end it's the team's motivation, when we have the ball and when we don't. That's what’s important. Its then if we play with two up top, like the other day or with a player out wide. When you play with three up top, I’m not thinking that the player has to stay out wide. We can change a lot of things because we have a lot of options and I’m there to use them. You have to take everything into account. The players who are here are training well and that's what I'm interested in. I've got a game tomorrow and so do the players. They're focused on tomorrow's game".
Better squad than last year
"That's always the case. Everyone has a say. For me I always have the best squad. Whatever happens, I've got the best. Madrid is always like that. That's why I say that the transfer window is open until the 5th, but I'm very happy with what I have. In the end we've already got a lot. Are you going to bring more people in? What for? It's already difficult to pick a team, because they're all very good and I can choose everyone. I'm happy, really".
Vini Jr. and Rodrygo to not play much?
"These questions make me laugh. This is Madrid, you know that? In the end, as I said, to give an opinion is easy. I'm here every day with the players, and what we have to do is think about what we're doing. Is Vinicius going to play in 34% of the games? And the other 32% and 31%? That's not going to change. I'm going to need everyone, but there are always those who play more and those who play less".


"I want to win every game and everything we play for. The players have to be ready and things going off outside don't help. If you have a squad of 25, you have to pick 11. Everyone wants more continuity. Everyone wants to play more and Vini is here to try and play in every game. Then it's up to the coach, who chooses, and within this big and good squad, I'm happy with Vini. What we have to do is focus on preparing well".
"He's very close. He's training with the team and the only thing is that we know he hasn't trained much so far. That's the only thing. He's training regularly with us and he's fine. Then we'll look at how we're going to do it. He wants to play and not to be bothered by it. That's the most important thing because it’s a very long season". 
"He's back and I don't think he's ever lost his edge. He just made a couple of mistakes against City and I'm his coach and I'm remember the season he had and his reaction and the game he played this weekend. That shows that he's a great player and the level of the team, because it's never easy to play for Madrid. We're not interested in what people say. There's always competition and you have to be right. I value determination and motivation to do well and win again and focus on doing things right".
Mayoral or Jović
"I’m not answering this either. We're all here and then we'll see what happens. I'm going to need all the players who are here and are available to play. And then if there's any changes, we'll see".
Starting a long season again
"They're small challenges we take on. We know that the league season is long, but I have a team that always wants to perform and win, it helps them to achieve what we want. It's not easy because every three days you have to prove yourself and you play against a team that plays at a thousand miles an hour. That's difficult, but we like to play against motivated teams. Playing every three days isn't easy but it's what we like. We're happy to be able to play every game we have to play and the players are motivated. We're going to have bad moments throughout the season, for sure, but this is part of a footballer's career and you have to accept that it will be difficult from time to time on the pitch, but that's the beauty of it too".