Real Madrid

Official Announcement


Real Madrid C. F. calls on its club members and supporters not to gather in Cibeles in the event that the team secures the LaLiga title.

1.- We are all aware of the difficult situation that we are experiencing and the efforts being made across society to counter the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Football is also playing its part in this and, with everyone's help, we managed to resume the competition in extremely complex circumstances.

2.- With just two matchdays of the LaLiga season to be played, both our team and F.C. Barcelona have a chance of being crowned champions.

3.- In the event that Real Madrid are crowned champions, our players will not visit the usual points of celebration, in particular, the Plaza de Cibeles and we therefore also ask our club members and supporters that, in the event that we secure the title, they do not gather in these places. In this regard, all of us must make a contribution, as has been the case to date, and show the utmost responsibility to avoid the risk of contagion.

4.- Real Madrid thanks our members and supporters in advance for their understanding. All of the effort and work put in by our players, coaching staff and the club towards this possible title success has always been done with a view to sharing the triumph with our fans, but we are aware that the current situation obliges us to maximise the necessary precautionary measures.

5.- Real Madrid feels the duty to issue this important call in a show of utmost responsibility and with the firm belief that any possible triumph involving our team must not give rise to a massive backward step in the battle we are all waging against this pandemic.