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Zidane: “It's not about counting up the points, It's about just focusing on Granada”

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NEWS | 12/07/2020 | Rodrigo Salamanca | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

“The team digs in, fights and has the desire to do big things to win every game”, added the French coach.
Zinedine Zidane spoke during a virtual press conference before the visit to Granada in LaLiga, at he Nuevo Los Cármenes stadium (10pm CEST): "It's the last week, with three games to play. It's the most difficult one because it's the end of the season, but also the most important for us. Every team is playing for something and we want to put in a good performance. We don't have to think that there are only three matches left, we have to put all our energy into this one against Granada".

"A team is always balanced, in defense and in attack. We know we're good and I'm happy for Courtois  and the team. It means we're doing things right. That's the most important thing for a coach. The team digs in, fights and has the desire to do big things to win every game".

The remaining points to win LaLiga
"The team that wins the league will be the one with the most points at the end of the season. It's not about counting up the points. It's more about playing the games and we are focussed on tomorrow. We're all just thinking about the same thing".

"He's available. The most important thing is to have the players available and then we'll see how we're going to do things tomorrow".

The break
"This is the situation we have after the three-month break. We've been lucky to play again for the fans and for the players. The situation is what it is, and we are going to try to carry on doing what we're doing".
"They don't bother me. It's always the same debate. Everyone has an opinion and we just have to show at every training session and game that we are the best. Everyone can say what they want about Real Madrid, but this is the biggest club in history and that's never going to change".

We're not thinking about three games remaining, but about focusing all our energy on the Granada game.

"Every time we hold a press conference it's the same thing and everyone can have their say. I don't get involved in those opinions and everyone is free to speak and to say what they think. We're just showing what we do on the field, we're working hard and we're doing so in order to achieve big things. I take away the players' hard work every day. That's what I'm interested in.
Performance of the squad
"My goal is the same at the end of the day, the Granada game. We'll talk about the rest later. We've got a very difficult game tomorrow and our focus has to be solely on that".
Physical preparation
"Dupont is a very good fitness trainer. There are a lot of people in this club who are very competent. He's a new fitness coach, who arrived this year and we're very confident of him. The preparation he is doing with the players is very good".
"He hasn't surprised me. He's young and talented. He's demonstrating that on the pitch. You can't compare him with Marcelo. Marcelo is Marcelo and Mendy is Mendy. He's a player with a future and this is the right place for him. This is a club that has all the players that it has and Mendy is fine here, at our club.
"We're focused on the Granada game. LaLiga and the Champions League are the goals every year and we fight for every one of them. But our energy is focused on tomorrow's match. It's no use thinking beyond the Granada game.
"He's an important player. You can have your opinion. It's his birthday today and the main thing is to congratulate him. Some players play more and others less, but I'm not going to neglect any player. All of them are important and contribute to the team. I don't know if he will travel to Granada. I call upon all the players I have. Then, things can that happen, but I always rely on all my players.
Pressure in the final stretch
"I don't think there's any pressure. There's a tension that's inevitable in every game. We just like to train and play. The most important thing is to be focused on the Granada game.