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Zidane: "San Mamés is a tough place to go to but we're ready to put in a great performance"

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NEWS | 04/07/2020

"We're on the right track, we've got five games to go and will be trying to keep it up", explained the boss.
Zinedine Zidane addressed the media in an online press conference on the eve of his side's meeting with Athletic at San Mamés (Sunday, 2pm CET) and previewed the encounter in the following terms: "It's another really tough game. San Mamés is a tough place to go to for all teams and we're aware of that. We're going to have to put in a great performance and are ready to do so".

"With so few games to go and with us playing every three days, you need to be really focused in everything you do: recovery, fitness, in what we do in training... it's ultimately down to the small margins. We're doing fine and I'm enjoying working with these players every single day. We know that we're in for another tough game and will be putting all of our energy into tomorrow's match. LaLiga is a strong division and that'll be the case right until the last. We're on the right track but this isn't over yet. We've got five games to go and we'll be trying to keep it up". 

"He's had a bit of discomfort in the last few days and we don't want to risk anything and he's the first not to want to take any risks. Let's hope it's nothing serious and that he's back with us before the end of the league season. I hope he recovers fast. It's all about the day-to-day work and that goes for any knocks too. We just know that he took a big knock and that's it. We're working with the doctors and physios and we've got some really skilled people in those areas. It's a knock and it'll be a question of days".

His rapport with the Belgian
"The worst thing for me is when a player is unable to go out and do their job on the pitch because of an injury. There are many people here to help the players. It's his first year here and he wants to help the team and when he's unable to do so, he's not happy. I don't think he's afraid of picking up another injury. All he wants to do is be out there playing. It's a problem for him and everyone because we want him to be at 100% and for him not to suffer any problems. I hope he soon gets over it".

"I see him as being in good shape, he's fine mentally and is focused on tomorrow's game".

"There's constant pressure at Real Madrid, but that's good and living with that pressure is what makes this club great. I'm experiencing it now as the coach and previously felt is as a player. But that pressure is what leads you to achieve special things". 

There's no euphoria, only hard work and commitment to try and win all our games.

"Courtois is proving what an excellent goalkeeper he is. Everyone has their opinion about who's the best. We've got Courtois and are happy with that. His stats are impressive. I'm delighted for him because we're all committed to what we do with the team and he's our goalkeeper".

Kick-off times
"I don't know whether it'll affect things or not. We trained later yesterday and today and closer to the time that we'll play tomorrow. It doesn't alter anything for us. We'll have to see how we fare in the game, but we're focused on playing tomorrow at 2pm".

"I can tell you that the players are the important ones in all of this. We're all important, everyone in their own roles. They're the ones who fight, who train... the group is always the most important thing".

"He only joined us this year and is working on achieving the standards set by Ramos and Varane. He's working hard, he's keen to do well and he'll get his chance to play tomorrow. I'm pleased with him because he's one for the present and the future".

Avoiding any signs euphoria
"The players are aware that it's a tough, challenging and long season. What they did during the confinement shows that they want to go all out. There's no euphoria here because we haven't won anything yet. It's all about hard work, commitment and trying to do well every day to win football matches".

"He's a player who's gradually changing, he's working really hard. He's a good lad and we're making the most of his qualities".

Varane's fitness
"As a precaution, he won't feature but he's doing much better. I don't want to take any sort of risk with him, he's played a lot of football and a bit of a rest will do him no harm".