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The Foundation's schools in Singapore and Japan go back to work


NEWS | 30/06/2020

More than 650 children are back learning about football and values in Asia.
The football school run by the Real Madrid Foundation in Singapore alongside SSV-Spanish Sporting Ventures, has restarted its training sessions this week at its Rainforest Sports Hub base, with more than 140 students in four separate sessions. The football school in Japan has done the same across all of its centres, in collaboration with GFM-Global Football Management.
In order to protect the participants, all sessions will be carried out in reduced-size groups in accordance with rules set by the local healthcare authorities. For now, the football and values training will centre around primary and secondary physical capacities (stamina, speed, strength, balance, coordination) and the technical aspects of football (passing, control, dribbling, shooting) following months of confinement and in order to avoid injuries.

There will also be a special emphasis on values such as motivation, effort, and self-improvement, teamwork, solidarity with others and the implementation of healthy lifestyle habits, like good hygiene and food practices.
The Japan school has reopened its doors in Tokyo Adachi, Yokohama Yamate, China Nagara and Aichi Toyota, with more than 500 participants. The training sessions will be carried out in normal fashion, introducing the necessary protocols: use of face masks in the facilities, except during training, taking temperature, gel, etc. So, over 650 children have got back to enjoying football and good values with the Real Madrid Foundation.