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Real Madrid - Valencia

Zidane: “We've got nine finals to come"

NEWS | 19/06/2020

“I'm thrilled for Asensio, to see him hit a fantastic goal with his first touch”, said the coach.
Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room at the Alfredo Di Stéfano following his team's win over Valencia to assess the performance: “It's crucially important to what we're doing. That's three points against very good opposition who played fantastically in the first half, with real pace. We played very well throughout the game, from the first minute, and we got even better in the second half. That's how it's going to be until the end. There are always adjustments but we can be pleased, satisfied with how we performed all match. I'm pleased for the players, they're the ones out there, fighting and it's a well-deserved victory tonight”.

“We're working very well from a physical perspective, the team looks great in that regard, much sharper. Ultimately, that's down to everyone's attitude. We're where we want to be but now we have to keep going because this is the second game, we've got nine finals to come. We have to rest up now because we don't have much time, and we then we have to prepare for Sunday's game”.

“It means an awful lot, especially to him. We're happy to see Marco out on the pitch. After 8 months we're so pleased, and especially to see him score a fantastic goal with his first touch, I'm thrilled for him”.

The goals
Benzema's was a wonder goal. The move itself, then the left-footed volley, it's his weaker foot. I'm pleased he got his goal, and even more so for Asensio because after 8 months, simply getting back out on the pitch... He was very happy, and to score a goal in the first move shows he's sharp and has the quality to produce that kind of thing”.

“Every game has its story, and that was the case today. We put on a good display, we could have made more changes. We made two subs today, and five the other day. In the end it went the way we wanted and that's the most important thing. There will be other games when we need to make more changes but the fact I have the chance to make five substitutions doesn't mean I'm definitely going to use all of them".

Benzema's was a wonder goal. The move itself, then the left-footed volley, it's his weaker foot.

"I'd like to highlight the hard work put in by the whole team, by the players who don't play, because we work very well every week and that's important. We're going to need everyone ready. There are nine games left now and we have to keep going. We have an important match on Sunday in San Sebastian, but we have to enjoy it and congratulate the players for today's performance, they are the ones who give everything out on the pitch. I'm happy for them".

Hazard's performance
"Everyone can have their say, but it's true that today was his game. He played 75 minutes and put on a brilliant display. You never know with him, sometimes he looks like he's tired and suddenly he picks up the ball and he's on it. He's doing well. We're happy that he is with us because he has a lot of quality and now he and the whole team has to carry on in this vein".

"That was today's choice. You're talking about a game we played against Valencia, but it has nothing to do with that. I liked Modric's position because he played very well between the lines. Valencia are a team that defends with two lines of four and the move for the first goal is what we do. Sergio wins it back and there’s some nice play between Luka, Eden and Karim".

"Its up to us what we do. We know the situation and that's it. I'm going to watch the Sevilla-Barcelona game, but I'm not thinking that Barcelona are going to slip up. The important thing is to continue with what we are doing because this is going to go all the way. I remember the only league I won as a coach and we clinched it in the last match in Malaga".

Disallowed goal 
"Yes, the referee has made the decision and that's it. He went to VAR, looked at the move and as usual I don't get involved in these things. It's a complicated, difficult task and in the end the referee blew the whistle".