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Los beneficiarios de la Fundación en proyectos europeos reciben ayuda de los partners sociales locales

The recipients of the Foundation in Europe receive support from the local social partners

NEWS | 27/05/2020

Seventeen social and sports projects are being developed to assist more than a thousand children.
The Real Madrid Foundation, in collaboration with different social and educational partners and thanks to the support of entities such as the UEFA Foundation for Children, Endesa, Epicentr K and El Corte Inglés, is developing 17 social and sports projects in Europe that serve more than a thousand children and young people in nine countries. In order for the beneficiaries to continue receiving the attention of their coaches remotely, the social partners are providing the families with the necessary tools such as school material, computers, tablets or smartphones. In the most vulnerable cases, financial support is being provided to families who have lost their jobs and have no unemployment benefits in this crisis caused by COVID-19.
The social partners of the Foundation in Romania - FDP- Protagonists in Education, Salesian Missions in Portugal as well as the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan have identified the most vulnerable families in order to provide them with food or preventive material and even financial support to fight child poverty. The projects have been transformed into basic social care activations to promote education at home, through the acquisition of computers as is the case of the Alma Branca Association (Portugal) or other types of teaching material, as has been done by Friends of Sports in Bulgaria.

These initiatives are carried out in nine countries.

Psychological support, for both students and families, is essential. In addition, the computer activities have been adapted with physical activities, as it has been done in all schools on the Iberian Peninsula and in the projects of the State Technical University of Rostov-on-Don (Russia) and Azerbaijan. On the other hand, Kinetic Foundation, the Foundation's partner in the United Kingdom, has included nutritional planning.
In Portugal, these are complemented by school support as well as in the Epicentr for children schools in Ternopil, Irpin and Khmelnitsky (Ukraine), where educational games and English classes are also sent. These activities are also promoted by the Foundation's partner in Italy, the Portofranco Association and the Fatima Traccia Association in Milan, which offers the beneficiary students private distance learning classes.