Inauguración del II Coaching Convention de la Fundación Real Madrid

Roberto Carlos inaugurates the II ‘Learning from the best’ International Convention

NEWS | 16/01/2020

Aimed at coaches, the convention is organised by the Real Madrid Foundation and Kohfahl Ballstrategien with support from Adidas.
Real Madrid ambassador Roberto Carlos inaugurated the II ‘Learning from the best’ International Convention for coaches, set up by the Real Madrid Foundation and Kohfahl Ballstrategien with support from Adidas. It is aimed at over 100 coaches from different countries who want to boost their knowledge. It takes place at Real Madrid City and will finish on Sunday 19th January.
Roberto Carlos said: "The influence of sport on the community is undeniable and for us, as professionals, we need to bear that in mind when we go to work. Coaches have a huge impact on our society both as leaders and as direct human influences on those around them. It is no coincidence that there are coaches who end up leading businesses, political parties and companies”.
The convention looks to bolster technical-tactical footballing elements, developing top level content, physical preparation content, educational methodology, and planning and strategy for performance optimisation. This year, certain aspects have expanded to include holistic focuses for coaches, soemthing which ties into the Foundation methodology. There will be special relevance given to human aspects such as psychology, lifestyle, nutrition, rest, work, personal attitudes and motivation.