La Fundación celebra el Día Internacional de la Discapacidad

Foundation celebrates International Day of Disabled Persons

NEWS | 03/12/2019

Inclusive training sessions were held across the various adapted schools.
The Real Madrid Foundation marked the International Day of Disabled Persons by holding a series of inclusive training session across its adapted schools, which, in some cases, featured the participation of family members and in others included students from the socio-sporting school's infantil and cadete teams. This day serves to raise awareness about the importance of integrating individuals with different capabilities in all spheres of society.

For the past 13 years, the Real Madrid Foundation has been working on full integration through sport with over 500 people, including children, young people and adults of different capabilities, both physical and mental, to bring them closer to sport and make it accessible for them. Adapted and inclusive sport is a useful tool for integration because they allow everyone to take part. In addition, values such as the motivation to make an effort, respect for everyone, self-esteem, equality and autonomy improve the co-existence for everyone, regardless of their circumstances and capabilities. 

Foundation's socio-sporting projects
The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities states that one of the main causes of marginalisation is the presence of barriers. As a result of this and in line with its Por una Educación REAL: Valores y Deporte (For a REAL Education: Values and Sport) project, the Real Madrid Foundation works to achieve the equality for this group by including over 400 students with functional diversity within its football and basketball schools. This serves to improve their lives and represents a role model for sporting inclusion on the national stage. With over 20 socio-sporting projects that cater for diversity both within Spain and abroad, the Foundation has been a pioneer in some projects, such as its football and autism programme and also by exporting inclusive sport beyond Spain's borders.