Real Madrid - Leganés

Zidane: “We needed a win like this"

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NEWS | 30/10/2019 | Javier Vázquez | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

“We started very well, scored two goals and that made the game easier for us”, said the coach.
Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room at the Santiago Bernabéu following the impressive win over Leganés. The Real Madrid coach had the following to say about the game: “It was an important game for us. We started very well, scored two goals, and that made the game easier for us. I'm not sure it was our best game of the season, but I'm happy with the result, getting five goals and keeping a clean sheet. We have to be satisfied and pleased over the ninety minutes”.

“It's certainly been a while since we scored five goals. Some people think this is our best game yet, I don't but we have to be pleased. We needed a win like this and when you start by scoring two early goal, that makes life easier. We didn't drop off in the second half and we got even better with the substitutions”.

A goal and two assists for Benzema
“I think he's getting the recognition. You have to show it on a regular basis and he's always doing that well beyond his goal scoring, which is important for him as the Madrid number nineWhat I like about Benzema is how he links up with his teammates. The three up top playing together today, it wasn't like there was one stuck out on the touchline, there was constant movement and in the end, Karim is no surprise to me, he gets the recognition of a lot of people here”.

“He's in the team for a reason. He's showing what an important player he is, we think about his future but he's very much in our present. He's playing, getting minutes under his belt and doing a great job. What impresses me is that he's physically very good, he's quick and very powerful. When he has to go in for a ball, defensively or in attack, he's extremely forceful”.

Valverde impresses me because he's physically very good, he's quick and very powerful.

"We're happy because everyone did their bit for the team. When you get handed game time, you've got to take that opportunity, as [Fede] Valverde and Rodrygo have and I'm delighted for [Luka] Jović because he hasn't had many minutes and he scored a great header. He's a goalscorer, he's always looking to get a goal. He had two or three chances and we're happy for him".

Vinicius Jr.'s absence
"Nothing's gone on. He's another player, just like the rest of them, and now it was his turn to miss out on the squad, but it doesn't mean anything. I'm going to count on him, just as I do the others, and you've got to remember that last season, [Eden] Hazard wasn't here and he plays in his position. He has to keep on working because I'm going to be counting on him and he knows that. It's a bit tough to be left out of the squad, and that goes for all of them, not just Vinicius Jr. Naming the squad list and having to leave four of five of them out is really tough for me".

"I can see that he's really driven, he's working really hard to get up to speed and he's committed. He wants to play and when he gets the chances he has to make the most of them and that's all there is to say".

Favourite performances
"I preferred our display in Vigo. I also enjoyed our performance the other day in the Champions League, for example, if I was to give your two examples".

"He's just another member of the squad and I'm counting on him, just as I'm going to count on the rest of them".