Roberto Carlos y Baptista en El Hormiguero

“The Fiesta Corazón Classic Match is a great game for a worthy cause”

NEWS | 07/06/2019

Roberto Carlos and Baptista will take part in the tenth edition of the charity game, which will be on the 23rd June at 7:00pm CEST.
Roberto Carlos and Julio Baptista are two of the legends who will feature at the Fiesta Corazón Classic Match 2019 Latidos con alma, which be played on Sunday, June 23rd, at 7:00pm CEST. In the tenth edition of the charity game, Real Madrid Leyendas will host Chelsea Legends at the Santiago Bernabéu. The two Brazilian stars spoke to El Hormiguero on Spain's Antena 3 and discussed the traditional charity event, the benefits from which will be used to develop diversity projects led by the Real Madrid Foundation around the world.

"This time the veterans of Real Madrid and Chelsea are going head-to-head. It will be a great game, but even if it is for charity, at Real Madrid you always have to go to win. The event is spearheaded by the Real Madrid Foundation and we have the chance to play at a high level against a team like Chelsea, with European and the world champions in the sport," said Roberto Carlos.

Baptista claimed that "it is a charity game that will help people who need it most. This social cause is key and the benefits will go to them. In addition, on the 7th July at Valdebebas, next to Real Madrid City, the Real Family Fest, will be taking place. It is the biggest family festival in all of Europe”.

Tickets for the Fiesta Corazón Classic Match 2019 are available from 5 euros. This edition is sponsored by Fiesta and has the backing of the Madrid government, EMT, Madrid's governing body for transport, esRadio, entradas.com, Exterior Plus and Grupo Caliche.