Rueda de prensa de Zidane

Zidane: “We’re going to fight to finish as high as possible”

NEWS | 02/04/2019 | Javier García | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

"We’ll try to put in a good performance at Mestalla, it’s a nice match that everyone likes to play in", he said.
Zinedine Zidane spoke in the press room at Real Madrid City before the last training session prior to the match against Valencia, which will be played at Mestalla (Wednesday, 9:30pm CEST). The coach said: "We’re going to fight to finish as high as possible. We have to do it well, regardless of the rest of the teams. We want to finish the season well, as high as possible".
"I said after the Huesca game that there’ll be changes tomorrow and we’re going to do just that, change some players. We have to put in a good performance. These type of games are nice to play in, players enjoy them. We’ll try to put in a good performance, it’s a late kick off but we’ll get on with it".
"I don’t change how I think. Those who know me know that Luca is here because of his own merits. He is a player in this squad and at this club. When we speak of the academy, we can speak for example like Carvajal and the debuts of a lot of players. Luca is one of them. I don’t really care if people want to think its personal".
Can you imagine Real Madrid without Varane?
"No, he’s a young player who has been here for 8 years and is doing well. Lots of things are said from the outside, that’s life. He didn’t say anything to me, if you know something...The important thing is what the player tells me, and he’s at the best club in the world and has won a lot of things here".
Overhauling the squad
"A lot is being said about next year. There is no need to talk about these things. You have to respect the players who are here and have done a lot. Talking about an overhaul shows a lack of respect. We're going to have to make changes, but it's not the time to talk about this. There will be time to talk".
Debate regarding goalkeepers next season
"It depends on the goalkeepers that’ll be here next year. At the moment we have three good goalkeepers and we’re going to finish the season with them. We’ll see what we’ll do next year. There will be no debate. We're not going to have the issue of goalkeepers next year, it's going to be very clear".

My goal is to progress the team that I’m in charge of.

"I'm the coach and I have to say something. There is a club with important people and people who rule, things are done together, as always. I'm the coach and I’m the one who makes decisions day to day. I speak with the club about what we want, we’re already doing it. Things will be made public at the end of the season".
Telling a player they’re not needed
"That’s life. Although we won three or four Champions League, there are players who play less, but in a squad its always like that. If there are changes, I will have to tell a player that I don’t need him. We'll see at the end of the season and I'll be honest with the players. I'm not going to change the way I am".
"He’s a player who hasn’t played much lately. I love Marcelo. As a person, it doesn’t matter, that’s between me and him. But as a player, what he’s done has been phenomenal. When you play a little worse, they talk a lot and we can’t change that. When he’s good, we need Marcelo to always play like that. We’re always going to ask for more. I love him as a player and I want him to play a lot more from here until the end. And that doesn’t take away what Reguilón has done, he is the second left back at the moment and will also play from here to the end of the season".
 Psychological state
"It's a bit difficult for us, naturally. But they are professionals and when they go out on to the pitch, they want to win the game. We're going to try to do better and finish the season well".
Fans whistling Bale
"The whistles are never good, but they also whistled me and you have to accept it. You have to have the personality for that and to accept what people think. We’re talking about a difficult season but when things went well, they were cheering, and everything was good. Regarding the future of Gareth and other players, we'll see".
Working method
"I don’t think I’ve changed. What I thought nine months ago I think now. I want to progress the team that I’m in charge of, that's my goal. When you prepare for a match, the important thing is to know what the opponent is doing and what we can do better than them. What I want is for the team to improve every day and every game".