Levante - Real Madrid

Solari: “We put in a very serious performance and had chances to score more goals”

NEWS | 24/02/2019

“We won the match because all the players worked hard during the 90 minutes, those who started and those who came on”, he said.
Solari spoke in the press room at the Ciutat de València stadium and analysed Real Madrid’s win over Levante: "We always put the focus on the positive and how we work in order to win the game. It's been years since Levante were beaten, they’re a tough team to play and this is a difficult place to come. Today we put in a very serious performance and we had several chances to score more goals, like those for Vinicius Jr. We could have won by more goals but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a very difficult match".
"We take each match as it comes. We are alive in three competitions and the most important match is the next one. This has already been and gone and we won it because all the players worked hard, those who started and those who came on, from end to end during the 90 minutes. It’s the only way to compete for everything. I’m very happy with how everyone worked during the game".

Vinicius Jr. is 18 years old and plays with a maturity and confidence beyond his years.

Vinicius needs more time, it’s a question of maturity. He’ll only get that with the experience which comes with getting minutes under his belt. He’s 18 years old and he plays with maturity and confidence beyond his years. He’s got time to keep learning”.

“He was ecstatic when I saw him in the dressing room having got his goal. That’s all your speculation because he was waiting to come on. I told him to wait. I’m thrilled with how he went out there and he looked hungry when he got on the pitch. He clinched the win for us and worked extremely hard. When we went down to ten he was running for two up top and I thought he had a great game”.

“You have an awful lot more eyes than we do, but we’re there and what I saw is how hungry he was to get on the pitch and help the team. I’m very pleased, he can celebrate the goals however he likes”.