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Real Madrid, the best team in the world according to France Football

NEWS | 12/02/2019

The French magazine has compiled the rankings based on 10 different categories. 
France Football has ranked the 30 best teams in football, with Real Madrid at the top on 187 points. The ranking is based on analysis from 10 different categories. The Whites are top of the list, followed by Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Liverpool.
Variables such as player analysis (trophies, Ballon d'Or...), TV audience, social media reach, stadium attendance, revenue, spending, club market value and lastly, historical importance were all taken into account. This last criterion, historical importance, is listed as subjective according to the magazine. 85 clubs were evaluated with these variables and then reduced to a final list of 30. The system ranks teams from one to twenty in each of the ten categories: twenty points for first, nineteen for second, and so on.

1 Real Madrid 184

2 FC Barcelona 177

3 Manchester United 151

4 Bayern Munich 135

5 Liverpool 120

6 Juventus 107

7 Paris Saint-Germain 94

8 Chelsea 91

9 Manchester City 89

10 Arsenal 88