Real Madrid - Girona

Solari: "We're pleased with the performance, the effort and the football we played"

NEWS | 24/01/2019 | Alberto Navarro

"The tie is wide open and it'll be a great second leg”, added the Real Madrid coach.
Santiago Solari spoke to the press in the media room at the Santiago Bernabéu, where he reflected on the team's win over Girona in the first leg of the Copa del Rey quarter-final: “We're pleased with the performance, with the effort and the football we played. We put in a great display and the players deserve the credit for the discipline and intensity they showed. If everyone ups their game, the level of the whole group improves”.

“We have to go into every game with clear ideas and take them out on to the pitch. To do that, you need the willpower and energy to carry it out. That's just as important as quality, tactics or technique. Football is unpredictable. You might deserve more goals but if you don't put your chances away and the opposition score theirs, then everything is more difficult. The tie is wide open and it'll be a great second leg”.

Continuity in his team's play
“When you're playing well and scoring goals, the dynamics change and it's all reflected in the result. Against Sevilla and again today, we scored the chances we created, even if we could have got a few more today. Football is always a reflection of the competition and every game is a new challenge. Our attentions now turn to the Espanyol game, which we want to win to cut the gap on the teams above us. You're always happier when you're winning”.

Vinicius brings a real freshness, an audacity and is a constant threat.

"He has really come on. He was showing signs when he joined and he's now delivering on a regular basis. He's 18 years old and brings a real freshness, an audacity and is a constant threat. He's still got a lot to learn and improve on. He's got the backing of the most experienced members of the squad and let's hope that he continues down this same path".

Vinicius Jr.'s swift adaptation
"He arrived here aged 17 and his progress has been both amazing and surprising. We have to look after him and ensure that his potential is maintained over time. His most experienced teammates have to help him, they're the ones who deserve the most praise for his adaptation".

Connection between Benzema & Vinicius Jr.
"They've got a good understanding, it's instinctive and natural. It's great news for everyone that this is the case".

Ramos's fine record from the spot
"He's a specialist at scoring Panenka penalties and I think it's great. What matters is that it ends up in the net. He has perfected his penalty-taking over the years and he also scored a fine header and is proving himself to be a good number 9. In any given moment…"

Can you win the Copa del Rey?
"We aim to fight on all fronts: in the Copa del Rey, as we've shown tonight, in LaLiga and in the Champions League, when it comes around. We'll be fighting on all fronts with the utmost desire, we can offer assurances of that".

Improved fitness levels
"Football is about all of the parts that make up the whole and they're all related. There's the fitness side of things, the tactics and the mental aspect. If there's an improvement in one area, the same happens in the others and vice versa".