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Real Madrid - Atlético de Madrid

Lopetegui: “We need to pick ourselves up and get our energy up for the start of LaLiga”

NEWS | 16/08/2018 | Alberto Navarro (Tallinn) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

“We did some things well and some things not so well, and that is where our rivals punished us”, admitted the coach.
Julen Lopetegui spoke in the press room at A. Le Coq Arena after the match: "In a final like this, mistakes can make a key difference and Atlético are experts in taking advantage. They got a deserved win. When we levelled the scores, we were better, they tied it up in an unfortunate play. We have to congratulate them and pick ourselves up, because LaLiga is starting and we need to rebuild quickly. I feel frustrated and sad, but I know that responsibility forces us to move on tomorrow."
"We did not start off well and they went ahead in the first play. The team needed to turn the score around and we did it with some good play and getting up there, we did not kill the match off at 2-1 and they took advantage. We started off playing pretty well in extra time but they won by scoring the most goals. Atlético deservedly won. "
Extra time
"Football is a case of right and wrong, in extra time the team did well, but the third goal really damaged us, we were able to win, but we lost that focus, we desperately wanted that equalizer and then they put in a fourth. In extra time I was happy until 3-2. "
"A final is a case of doing some things well and some things not so well. We must learn from it. It is not a matter of looking at specific errors, because we lost as a team. We had good and bad moments, and that is where the rival punished us. They won deservedly. The club's mantra will not change for this one game. We have to raise our heads high and recover our energy because on Sunday the fight for the most important title starts, for me LaLiga is the big one".

We need to improve in every facet, not focus on individual errors.

"We are not satisfied and the negative thing is that we lost and conceded four goals. That is not a good factor, we have to improve on that, we will have to work on everything, it is normal to make mistakes, but we do not enjoy making such mistakes. We need to look at all facets, not only individual errors. "
Drive to win
"These players have won a lot of titles but I do not think that their hunger for titles was missing tonight, last year in LaLiga things did not go ight for them, we want to get the best out of the team and start picking ourselves up after losing this title. We were all excited for this trophy."
"He had a great game, but it is understandable at this time of the season if the players are not at their best physically, we are very happy with his work and hopefully he will continue to improve over the next matches".