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Luka Doncic's farewell letter: two dreams

NEWS | 29/06/2018

Dear madridistas,
Playing basketball means everything to me. My mum always says that she can never recall me doing anything but bouncing a basketball.
I can't remember doing anything else either.
I feel very fortunate. When I was 13, I came to Madrid, where I intended on making my dream of becoming a good basketball player come true. What I never imagined is that that journey would be the start of an adventure which would see not just one, but two of my dreams, which are the kind you only see in films, come true: I've played for the best club in the world and now, I'm going to play in the best league on the planet.

The special thing about basketball is that it's one of the sports in which you depend most heavily on your teammates. When I say that, I'm not just referring to the brilliant players that I've been lucky enough to share a court with and who have allowed me to learn with them, both as professionals and human beings. A team is made up of a lot of people: the president, the board of directors, the coaches, the doctors, the physios, the player liaison officers, the kitmen, the club staff... I want to thank you all very much. A special thanks goes to Alberto AnguloPablo SañudoDani Sarto and Paco Redondo, who welcomed in a Slovenian kid who didn't know a word of Spanish and you looked after me as if I was a child of your own and have made me into a man. I love you lots.
Just in the same way that I really love Real Madrid, a club that has given me everything: the biggest sporting successes, values that will remain with me for a lifetime and that ability to fight that means you never give up, regardless of the challenge.

I also want to thank the media for treating me with respect when I was a youngster and for showing affection in their judgement of me when I grew up. 

I'm writing this letter today to bid farewell in particular to you, the fans who have always backed me, forgiving my mistakes and revelling in my achievements. The same supporters who made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with the ovation you gave me after I made my first trey as a 16 year old and from whom I felt tremendous support when I sunk my last basket (another triple, what a way for things to come full circle) some 350km away from the place I'll always call home. Many thanks for everything. You have a place in my heart.

From now on, there'll be another madridista in Dallas. However, as Terminator famously said: "I'll be back!" 


Point guard