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Zidane: “The key is to go out to win, score early and not take any chances”

NEWS | 30/04/2018 | Javier García | PHOTOGRAPHER: Ángel Martínez

“I always want to play at the Bernabéu. We're at home in the second leg and we're proud to be able to play it in front of our fans”, he added.
Zinedine Zidane spoke to the media after the final training session before the decisive match against Bayern (Tuesday, 8:45pm CEST). The Real Madrid coach analysed the match: "The key for us it to go out to win the game. No need to take chances, to play on the back foot, nor to do anything strange. We've got to go out and get an early goal. It's a semifinal and we know the importance of the game. We know what we have to do".
"We don't have to change anything regarding what we've been doing. We have to be focussed and determined. We know we're playing the second leg and that we did very well in the first leg, but now we have to show that we want to get through".
Three Champions League finals
"It's incredible to play another semifinal and fight to get to the final. The only thing we're thinking about is going out and giving everything to make it to the final. It's what drives us all on, the fans, the club, the team want to give everything to get to the final. 
Isco and Nacho
"They've trained with us and now we have a a bit of time to think about what we're going to do. The important thing is that the players are 100%. Nacho has been out for a month, but has trained a lot. Physically, he's looking very good and is ready. The important thing is the injuries that they've had. Physically both of them are in good shape. I don't have to say anything about Isco. He knows what he has to do. We all want to be out there and we'll do everything we can to be there, but without taking any risks because the important thing is their health".
Carvajal's replacement 
"I'm not going to say whether I've decide or not. Whatever happens, we're a team. We've got a lot of players and we can do anything. The important thing is that the players are motivated. Everyone wants to play, also as full back".
Home matches
"Given the choice, I'd prefer to play every game at the Bernabéu. We're at home tomorrow in the second leg of the semi-final and we're proud to be able to play it in front of our fans".


"Bayern wont be worried. They're a great club and we're aware of that. We have to be prepared as always, putting in a big performance. I have no doubt that the opponents will come here without any complexes and have a great game". 
Does your future depend on the Champions League?
"It's independent of that. Today I'm the coach and I want to continue at this club. But it's not important. What matters to everyone is thinking about tomorrow's game and thats it".
"Everyone knows what he brings to the team. He's an exemplary player. He's been in this team for 10 years and has contributed to the history of this great club. He contributes a lot to the group because he's a upbeat personalty. It's good to have him here as a player and as a person".
"He's okay physically and ready. He'd like to score more, but he's training and playing hard and I don't need to say anything special to him. I speak to him like I do with all the players".
Different performance in each competition
"It's a difficult and complicated job. The results mark the difference and when things go a little bit bad, everyone looks at the coach. And when things go well they also say that the coach is doing something. We're not happy about what we did in the league, we want to give more but this year has been like that. We have to accept things to work harder and know that at this club it's not easy".
Dominator this season
"In LaLiga, clearly Barcelona. They are worthy champions, and we have to congratulate them. We have the chance to get to the final but we're not there yet. They've won two things and have had a great season. We don't want to take anything away from them. But what matters to us is what we do tomorrow".