Al Jazira - Real Madrid

Zidane: “We deserved the win and a place in the final”

NEWS | 13/12/2017

“We'll have to produce a performance against Gremio because it'll be another difficult game”, he added.
Zinedine Zidane spoke to the press in the media room at the Zayed Sports City Stadium following his side's victory over Al Jazira: “There's not much to say. We deserved the win and a place in the final. That's all we're worried about. It was a very strange first half. It's unusual not to score when you create that many chances. The great thing about football is that we had another 45 minutes to change things and that's exactly what we did. We were patient and we turned it around”.

“We had to stay calm. These things can happen in football sometimes. The good thing is that we were able to get back in front after the break and it's a deserved win. Any opponents can get a goal against you. They were very good on the counter-attack. That's a weapon they had with their three guys up top. At half-time, I told the players to stay calm because the chances were going to come. We got the win, though not without digging deep. There's no such thing as an easy win in football. I said that much yesterday. We have to congratulate Al Jazira because they did a great job”.

Final against Gremio
“We saw yesterday's game, and another of theirs as well. I know the team, having seen a few of their matches, but I don't know much about the Brazilian league. They're a good side and we'll have to put in a strong performance because it'll be another tough match. We're up against a good team from Brazil who are in the final just as we are. They deserve their place in the final too, they'll want to win it just as much as we do. It'll be a difficult game and now we have to rest up and start our preparations tomorrow”.

I'm happy with everyone's performance.

"Karim Benzema is doing fine. He didn't score tonight but he's doing alright. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to focus on his goalscoring. He put in a good performance and created a lot of chances, but the ball just didn't want to go in for him. I'm a bit disappointed for him because he was keen to score. But there's no need to get het up and we've now got to focus on Saturday's game. I'm pleased with all of their performances".
VAR technology
"The referee disallowed Casemiro's goal for offside. That's what they said, anyway. We're not going to go into the details, but it took about three or four minutes to reach a decision and it's not a pleasant experience. You've got to take the positives from these things and try to improve the more negative aspects. If a quick decision is made, the whistle goes, you keep playing and that's all there is to it, but for it to take four minutes is a bit odd".