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Real Madrid - Sevilla

Zidane: “There are two games left and we’re going to give everything until the end”

NEWS | 14/05/2017 | Javier García

“Cristiano is always there in the key moments”, said the coach.
Zidane spoke in the press room at the Santiago Bernabéu after the important victory against Sevilla. The coach analysed the match and the fight for the title: "It’s a very long road. Winning the league is not easy in Spain. Every day we get closer, continuing to pick up points, we’ve got two games to go and we’ll try to continue along this line. Today was a deserved victory. We started the game well and scored two early goals. Then Keylor made some good saves. In the second half, with a change in the middle we had more balance and had a very good 45 minutes".
"Our daily job is to win the league. We haven’t won it for some time, but we’ve not won anything yet. Two games to go. We’ve done very well so far, but we have to finish the job and finishing it well is the most difficult bit. We have to stay focused".
Nacho’s goal
"It's not that it didn’t surprised us, these things can happen. He immediately went up to the ball after the foul, it’s something that happens in a few seconds. I'm glad for what he did. It's something that a forward of midfielder would do, so for Nacho to do is makes me happy for him".
Battle for LaLiga
"Never ending. Until the end, until the last minute, we can’t think about anything. We have to be focused on every game and every move. Every day we’re closer, but it’s more complicated. Anything can happen, but we always think positively and we’ll give everything until the end".
Cristiano brace
"He’s just got something, he's different. It’s a very good pass from Kroos and there’s a gap and he puts it in. More than the goal itself, it’s what he’s done so far. In the decisive moments he’s always there".


“James is here and we have a long way to go still. We're focused on the final stretch of the season. We have three games left, two in LaLiga and one in the Champions League, and we’re only thinking about that”.

The Vigo game date
“We can’t think about that. We have a game on Wednesday that we had to make up and we will approach it in the same way. First though, we have to recover well. We’re in good physical shape and are focussed. We are giving our absolute all, in every game, every move, giving everything”.

“He's been a fundamental part of the team and will be until the end. The 15 minutes when we were suffering, he had a great chance, not to save the team but to stop Sevilla from scoring”.

The support from the fans
“It was our last home game and the fans were spectacular. It was a masterclass and the fans have backed the team to the hilt. We’re really grateful for all of their support. We have three games away from home left and we will keep pressing. The fans will be with us, even away from home”.

The team’s character
“The whole team have great character. When we are in a difficult situation we get out of it and play our way. Perhaps in scoring four goals we were too much for Sevilla, but we had a great second half”.